Good @ SF4 = Will be good @ MvC3?

so marvel3 is the next big fighting game as we know. but the thing is, i never really got into the whole MvC series in general. of course i have played it time to time, but the whole concept of the game seems foreign to me compared to SF and its 1 vs 1 combat instead of 3 vs 3. youve only 2 punch and 2 kick and 2 buttons for assist, you could mash out combos like its nothing, and during the entire match, things are flying all over the place. anyways, of course im gonna be getting this game when it comes out. with what i know from Street fighter, will any of that skill transfer into this game, or will i be a complete noob and have to learn how to walk all over again?

no. sf4 skill will not transfer over unless an sf4 character/or system tidbit is included IMO… if you played tvc you’ll be better off. walking/comboing is elementary to the tvc crowd… i’m gunna be a toddler next spring. >=[

no. now be quiet and go away plzkthx


Tvc and mvc2 will be your guide sfiv wont give you shit besides throwing fireballs.

Yeah learn C.viper that’s my best advice she has alot of the mvc feel and of course pick up TVC. Practice makes perfect.

Let’s hope not

Not in a million years.

Lets be nice to the new guy.

As mentioned earlier, TvC and MvC2 should really be what you’re using to practice for MvC3. The button layout is similar to TvC and has a magic series linking system from both previous games.

If you only have 4 available then pick Juri with her Feng Shui Engine ultra (which goes from traditional links to the magic series.)

Street Fighter is the place to get solid fundamentals though. Learning concepts like zoning/spacing, fireball games, footsies, etc. will help you in any game. Just getting a feel for the Vs. series games will be enough at this point if you’ve never played them before. So like Chindogg said before MvC2 and TvC are your best bets.

I’m still a proponent of getting good at fighting games as opposed to just games. :stuck_out_tongue:

SF footsies is totally different from Marvel. I would not advise playing sf4 in preparation for Marvel 3. any versus game would be best.

one of the absolute first things you need to learn about is the magic series, then go from there


But substantially better than nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, MvC2 is what, like 8 bucks now?

yeah your skills in sf4 are almost counter intuitive for a vs game.

TVC is a good way to ease your self into the vs games, starting with marvel is just going to piss you off.

Footsies are 100% different in vs games, shit is very fast and specific to certain characters. Theres instant air overheads ( and i mean legit instant ) insanley fast lows and a whole load of fun stuff you have to learn. theres no walk up fireball cr. mk bs in marvel. Footsies are so fast that unless your deit is all cabage and cocaine your going to be hard pressed to defend well in marvel, TVC is a lot slower. Even if you do get good at seeing shit its never a good thing to be blocking shit unless its an absolute neccesity.

The most important thing though, is Vs games are all about pressure. You want to mantain it and be a shit storm of angry rushdown the whole time your playing. as soon as you start thinking blocking is a good idea you get fucked.

Ummm… What? :looney:

@Blackshinobi:Don’t say nuffin’ it’s his time to shine.

I taught myself Magic Series when I was 10. Actually played my friend for his copy and played it to death. It was a ps2 copy but I didn’t care back then and it didn’t have an instruction. Never even knew the magic series had a name till 4 years ago. Basically taught the fundamental game to myself. If a 10 yo can learn so can you. If you haven’t played MvC2 hardcore then you at a loss :xeye: case in point play dat


God I’m old, learned the magic series playing Darkstalkers 1 in college.

jab jab lk lk, med punch, fierce

Personally just wait until you actually get the game, i mean you got new additions like dante and trish and everyones going to be at noob level when spring comes. Combo strings of the returning characters is obviously going to be different due to the change in layout. Tvc and mvc2 but i wouldnt even bother with any of them, the most your going to get from those 2 is what the mechanics are and how they work, majic series,aerial rave, tagging,etc. just buy mvc3 and start from scratch considering mvc3 in itself is a new game.

disregard this post. youll want to at least know where to start. if you just want the basics, get down launch to magic series to heavy attack. then learn how to use assists, since from the latest gameplay videos it looks like assists are gonna be very similar to Marvel 2.

If you’re good at SF4, with practice, I’m sure you’ll do just fine in MvC3.

^Doubtful, cause I can hold my own in Super but I’m pretty free in marvel.

I will say that Super or just SF4 in general teaches fighting game basics, like knowing how to do whatever input you want to when you want to, and comboing but any game would teach you that. TvC is a solid start, cause its the middleman between Marvel 2 and 3, and its actually got some of the same basic concepts. But, I’m very happy that I picked up TvC cause some of the characters are interesting, and just using Doronjo and Casshan, makes me figure out how I want to use Trish and Dorammu in M3.

But… everyone is going to be free as fuck for the first few weeks. Marvel 2 fans expecting the same Sentinel/Storm/Magneto dominance, TvC fans expecting the same mild sense of balance, SF fans expecting to be good, new fans expecting to have fun.

It’s going to be a great Spring 2011, gentlemen.