Good sh*t sanford kelly!


It’s one thing to talk shit, it’s another to talk shit…AND BACK IT UP!
Lets see…

-Took 1st in Marvel (finally), without his main team—against Justin—in two sets. GS
-5v5-first glimpse of his cammy and owned cole, buktooth, and djb13
-Made top 8 in SF4 when NO ONE expected dude to get that far.
-Then of course…Dan vs Sanford.:wasted: Dan got gaped.

He wanted recognition in sf4 and proved why he deserved it.


breaking out cammy in finals was BALLSY!

taking out a japanese player with a console exclusive, thats just downright DIRTY! seeing as i’m not a marvel head, i didn’t really know much about kelly, but he quickly became one of my favorites last night


same hear, never even heard of the guy but now he’s all over my radar. :pray:


I really wish he would of played his Cammy against EdMa…


Sanford was the breakout star if you will of this Evo.

You know everyone thought he was going to choke but he pulled it through and finally got what he deserved for Marvel. And he did it with Cable!

Not to mention he placed top 8 in sfiv taking out dan from japan and beating the two of the best dhalsims in Arturo and UTJ.

I was really surprised no dhalsim made it to the top 8.


He shocked the hell out of me because he was close to not even going to evo on that EC drama. I also didn’t think he was up to par because of his performance at ECT.

He proved he is for real at SFIV no doubt.


Sanford was definitely a champion @ Evo2k9

And, although Sanford wasn’t in the limelight as much as other top players, a lot of people, especially here on the EC, were not THAT surprised that he made it to top 8 of SFIV. He’s got the hunger, and he’s been training hxc.

Congrats to Sanford for reppin EC and the US well!


he’s been a top marvel player for years…


There’s a million good sh*t sanford threads this morning lol.

As a Cammy main, it felt great seeing him use Cammy in the finals and showing a lot of the new Cammy players how to play her.

He offers help to a lot of people, which is great as well.


Good shit Sanford



that talk we had on IRC that one time?
This is what you got.

Sorry, had to say I told you so.

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Sanford Deserved everything he got. Hard work does pay off, He was hungry this weekend.


thrax!!! I told you you were untouchable. best ever. get that sponsorship son you big time now.


I usually don’t root for players. I just like watching enjoyable matches. Sanford’s gameplay was mad enjoyable to watch. He was one of many big stories at this Evo. It was hard not to root for him. Good shit all around.


Sanford, your cammy was unbelievable! I was rooting for you to make it the rest of the way! Good $h!t man!


Sanford’s Cable was DANCING in those final two matches. So many clutch blocks and he executed when it counted. GS.


Sanford had a mean Cammy. He said he would of pulled out a secret character if he had gotten to Daigo. People were saying it was going to be Seth, another console exclusive.


Sanford FUCKING Kelly. Good shit my dude. East Coast stand the fuck up.

Sanford was hungrier than a street hobo watching people eat. Get that fight money and keep reppin.


Sanford was fucking beasting the whole time. Good shit man. good shit. I was hyped for each one of his matches.


Good shit Kells !!! On the East Coast we’ve known what it was for a while!!! Props on getting up there on the Grand stage and earning world wide respect!!! Next time you come to Philly it’s Brazil on me!!!