Good shit to NW ST

I just wanted to say GOOD SHIT! Very inspiring performances fellas! You guys make me wanna practice hella hard and put it down next year with the rest of the peeps!

17th: Yohsuke (out to Buktooth)
17th: RaybladeX (out to Valle)
25th: Julian ‘Zazz’ Beasley (out to Nuki)
33rd: XTG (out to Itazan)
45th: Sam Y (out to Cesar)


That’s my nig XTG up there! Good shit my guy.

Julian, barely know you but good shit.

Seriously, Mad respect. I heard about the Shit Nate had to go through to get where he got. Good shit man.

Oy, you left out SamY at 45th. The man is savage on all that is 2D. Good shit to all NW players.

Yosuke plays ST? WTF…

EDIT:// Itazan plays ST too… and he got 13th.

Anyone who has resided in Japan can automatically qualify for ST. It’s in the water.

I agree with that 100%.

Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out.

good job guys, I wish I was able to join you in the higher rankings lol

^^ At Least your tried.

I guess you could look at it like that

but losing to a Honda? come on, that’s inexcusable :frowning:

again, nate’s gief was fucking godlike. pwning japanese guiles with banishing fist into 360? wowowowowowowowowowowowow

That’s the nigga XTG boppin people hard with that shit.

Great job guys.


good job everybody!