Good single player fighting games?


There’s virtually 0 competition when it comes to fighting games in my area, and while I do play online, it only happens a couple of times a week and it’s limited to SFIV and HDR.

So what enjoyable single player fighting games are there?

[edit: I mean games with good AI, that won’t lower my vs P2 game too much]


mk vs dc has a nice little story either though the game plays not to good. theirs not too many i suppose, most were designed to play competitively.


If you can consider it a fighting game… Final Fantasy Dissidia, Tales of VS., they are both PSP games, but they have nice 1 player content… though they feel more like RPGs than fighting games.

Other than that, I don’t think you’ll be getting much out of any fighting game if you just plan single player… Unless you just play to practice combos for the lulz.


Are you talking about the AI or the story?

AI-wise, T5DRO’s ghost mode and VF’s quest mode aren’t bad. Storywise, BlazBlue hands down.


Warzard / Red Earth is what comes to mind when someone mentions “single player fighting game”, and it’s a great game too.


VF4:Evo and VF5 (360 version has better AI).

SC4 (in single player Versus mode).

T6 when it’s comes out should have plenty in it too. Downloadable ghost AI and lots of modes and unlockables.


mk vs. dc’s story mode is absolute crap for the MK side. the DC side is passable, but still, the whole OH NOES I’M BEING CONSUMED BY TEH RAGE plot is pretty cheesy.


Virtua Fighter 5.


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The original Soul Calibur story mode on dreamcast. If you play the XBLA version, you’re doing it wrong.


This. 'Nuf said. The Quest mode will keep you going for a LONG time. Customization is pretty cool as well, and you can pick it up pretty cheap.


The original Soul Blade has a nice story mode too. Running around on the map with that awesome music…

And Bushido Blade has a pretty fun single player I guess.


I know I’m probably going to get some hate for this but… smash bros brawl and melee. They make good single player games because of all the unlockables, game modes, challenges and story.


I really found MK vs DC’s story mode really entertaining, I thought TEH RAGE was way more interesting then “following rumors” in SCIV, for example.


I’ll second the VF recommends. I’d pick VF4 Evo over VF5 for nothing else but the training mode. It’s the only good and thorough training mode I’ve ever seen in a fighter, and most of the concepts carry over to VF5.

I like Brawl in general, but Subspace Emissary (the main 1P/2P adventure mode) is way more work than fun. It’s about 5 times as long as it needs to be.


I agree I did get bored with subspace emissary. Overall I think melee is a better game and with all the challenges and such is more varied


Haven’t played the Story mode for MK vs DC yet but following rumors is pretty awesome. Taking into consideration the general time in which the games are supposed to take place, is exactly what you would do. Plus, I can imagine Zasalamel ruffing up a couple of drunk sailors to hear about the crazy greek milf with the big titties.


VF5 definitely.


virtua fighter 4 Evo’s quest mode

i’m STILL not done with that shit, though i think i’ve come close


I probably had close to 1000 hours in that shit, man. Game was fun. Wish they’d bring it back to Evo. :frowning: