Good,skilled PSN Cody's up for games?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to play some really good PSN Cody's in order to get much better understanding of the matchup. I main Rog and my secondary is Ryu. I live in Miami, Florida so anyone close to or in that area would be ideal for a great connection.

For those curious, My rog has over 10000+ bp and I have 3400+ pp.I know that usually doesn't say much but I really do grind it out.


you live in sfl, which has a thriving scene & some high level players, including one of the nations best codys… i dont get it :coffee::confused:

I know that.

Don’t need to tell me where I live.

The more variety the better I can become accustomed to various styles. I haven’t faced any good Cody’s online.

I’ve met Ryan Hunter but I never got the opportunity to play him.

I hardly frequent the arcade due to school, work and music.

Get it now?

oooooooooooh touchy!
i think im finding that coffee smiley brings out contempt in people… maybe its the look on his face :confused:

plus, im envious of your scene… since i also have life going on, its hard for me to travel 2(or double that) hours w/in my state for comp. online is what i got :sad: so we have crosswise desires & it fueled my confusion.

but yes, since you explained it so curtly… now i do get it :coffee:


I know you meant know harm.

I’m not find of the arcade in my area. It’s FR and most of the people there are assholes and aren’t what I look for in comp.

Know what I mean?

@ any rate, you could also try the stickied Cellmates - (PSN/XBL Cody Player Directory) thread?

goodluck :china:

thank you

Im game if you wanna add me.

sure. I’ll be on in about 30

I would also like to play against any good cody players. I don’t know the matchup that much and I would like to add a good cody player to my friend list.

if only you were on xbl. :’)

I’m pretty decent.
I think I’m the second best Cody, at least the second best that actually goes to tournaments, in Texas behind TWG TostitoSalsa, Yo Ugh shoutout to Joe.
Really need to bone up on the Boxer match-up as well.
It’s really in Boxer’s favor, tbh, jab and sweep.