Good,skilled PSN DJ's up for games?

Good PSN Cammy’s up for games?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to play some really good PSN DJ's in order to get much better understanding of the matchup. I main Rog and my secondary is Ryu. I live in Miami, Florida so anyone close to or in that area would be ideal for a great connection.

For those curious, My rog has over 10000+ bp and I have 3400+ pp.I know that usually doesn't say much but I really do grind it out.


I’m on the east coast but don’t perform well online.

I don’t think this would be a good way to learn the matchup anyway.

Agree with Jcool.

This is a terrible way to learn matchups

I’m not fond of it either but with school and work , I really don’t have time to hit the arcade until a tourney.

Jcool and Porter, up for matches?

I’ll pass. I know the Rog matchup.

I too know that match. Soz man.

I’m not good or skilled, but I’m up for a game!

PSN: Majindedemaru

If you’re going to add me, please tell me why!

I would also like to learn the mathup more ; I play akuma, I want to add a good Deejay player on my friend list.

i refuse to help anyone with the deejay matchup. i can learn any other matchup elsewhere. not that many good psn deejay’s on here. There are a couple on xbox.