Good Solid Sticks under $100

are there any?

What system…
X360- ? Not really not right now… With SFIV out, good luck finding something:shake:
PS3 -

^ Did you just list Mayflash as a solid stick? Are you serious?

The Madcatz Standard edition stick

Good Solid Sticks
antonyms: Cheap, Mayflash, FS3, EX2, unmodded SE

cheap sticks are fine for people that casually play. if you are serious about the game do yourself a favor a pay a little more and get a good stick.

There are plenty of sticks that are pretty decent under 100 right now.

  1. Street fighter 15th Anniversary Edition - just buy a converter.
  2. Tekken 5 Hori stick- need a converter as well

IMHO - I believe those sticks are excellent in weight and durability concerns. If you want to swap out buttons then go for it. The buttons on it work, they just are a bit more springy than sanwas, but some people don’t even notice.

You could also check out the fightstick versions that hori put out:

  1. Dead or Alive stick
  2. Soul Calibur IV sticks
  3. Hori Fightsticks

Some of these may be a bit higher than they should be on ebay, but that is just my opinion. Just keep looking and you will find it. These sticks you will notice a bit of a drop as the weight in my opinion kills it for me… they are just too light. But again, some people don’t mind.

if i had the “Little more” i would pay it but im broke and in need of a new stick

I dont think those sticks are under 100…

Well he wanted cheap. Plus, the stick is good for beginners. Plus you can mod it once he moves up.:nunchuck:

I have a mayflash. It’s not too bad, I can get what I want when I use it input-wise, and that’s all that matters to me. I didn’t know it worked for the PS3 tho, I use it as a USB joystick…

Not the best stick, but for the price, it’s decent, at least from my personal experience.

I have an unmodded SE stick right now and it’s still plays pretty well. I’ve had no issues at all with the stick other than the quality of the components themselves. Does that make sense? As in the stick just feels like a casual stick and the buttons aren’t as responsive. BUT the stick still works without a hitch.

I’ll be playing on these buttons probably until the hype dies down for the fighting games. I’ve gotten a backlog of other video games anyway that need my attention so Street Fighter can wait. If this happened at the launch of BlazBlue I don’t know what I’d do…

Hell yeah Mayflash is pretty ok…I got one and Im going to mod it once I get parts

If your going to mod a Mayflash… good luck. Need another PCB to pull that job off…

You can probably do a custom. To cut down cost you could would have to use a shoebox or something you have laying around as the case.

Not true, I modded mine and managed to keep the stock PCB.

Yeah its actually a good thing to use the Mayflash pcb beacuse you can use it for ps2/pc and ps3 still without a converter

My recommendation is the Mad Catz SE with glued down joystick washer.

They are… lol I just bought one of each from ebay.