Good Special moves or Good Normals. Which is more important?


Which do you think is more important?

A character with strong normals but some medicore and some bad specials? Or a character with strong special moves but mediocre and bad normals?

I’m begining to think that in SF4, Good Specials trump normals in most matches. Obviously it’s best to have BOTH but if you can pick one I think it’s been shown that having a good special move is worth more than several good normal moves.

Viper gets by with mediocre normals. Akuma has a lot of mediocre normals but has several extremely versatile specials. Adon has some good normals but most of his footsies revolve around his crMP/sHK what makes him deadly is the jaguar tooth, jaguar kick, and DP. Ect ect.

All the normals in the world aren’t helping Dhalsim these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, on the flip side you got Deejay with that really solid fireball but his normals are all lacking. I think if his up kicks could hit crouching that one change would really buff him out of the bottom 10. I mean, he’d still have holes in his anti airs but now he’d basically shutdown most mixups on him.



I think it’s better to have 1 good normal and a lot of good specials than the other way around.


As far as SFIV goes, you can have the best specials in the world, but without at least two, three good normals, you’re doomed. You really need something that allows you to play footsies, easily confirm or throw out as safe in blockstrings.

Vega, for example, doesn’t have great specials IMHO. Only Scarlett Terror and light RCF in blockstrings are somewhat useful, and the rest really needs to be EX to be good (it does get great then though). But you can easily play a good Vega game by just sticking to your normals and only throwing specials out when you’re sure they’ll hit.

Also, as far as the Adon example goes, his specials are good, but without these two mentioned normals, he wouldn’t stand a chance. You won’t get far just throwing out specials - it’s why Dee Jay sucks, even if his specials are somewhat decent.


Deejay has a good fireball and EX Sobat is decent for anti fireball, everything else is below average.


I think you can design good characters with either better specials than normals, and better normals than specials.


Charge vs no charge is an important factor. You could change a charge character into a motion character and they would instantly become top tier. It’s more difficult to space charge special moves than motion special moves because of obvious reasons.


Non charge Dee Jay exactly as he is now just with motion specials would be interesting.



Your example is pointing toward air control specials vs air control normals. Viper and Akuma get their strength from burst damage and mix ups. That comes from stupid air control. Dee Jay also has some air control and some burst damage, but its much more linear and less safe. If Dee Jay’s knee could fly across the screen, stop his movement and delay his landing while having safe from DP angles he would be as good as those two. Who cares that he has crap normals, he can fly around like a fool, bait your anti-air and put you into a mixup to death situation at any point in the match.

If Dhasim had speed, he would be dangerous, look at how dangerous Vega is when he has claw. Dhalsim is a special case as he is simply the slowest character and doesn’t have a reversal.

Normals and specials aren’t as important as what those normals or specials control. As long as a character has normals like dive kick or specials like cannon strike, burn kick or demon flip, they will be fine. Rufus only has a dive kick and some pros can make magic happen with him. How many pros can make Dee Jay’s knee work magic for them…

Everyone in the upper tiers either has air control (cammy, yun) or both good normals and good specials (fei long, eyu.) Your question would be better if you were asking if air control or ground control was more important…