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As I’m new to this whole ps3 thing and these forums, I would like to pose a couple of questions =).

First of all, does the ps3 allow some kind of instant communication? I’m asking because from what I have seen, after a match of sf4 I have the option to view my opponent’s profile and send some kind of a message, but if I got this right, it is sort of like an email… will my opponent get a notification that a message has been received in real time or will the message just slumber in his inbox until he checks it out?

Given the title, I guess most of you can imagine why I’m posing this question. There’s a talk of ragequitters and whatnot going on and I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for one, when I am not. I’m new to the game. I get my ass beaten black and blue, but I take it with a smile and consider every small victory a step towards improvement, even if I still end up losing 10-0. Still, my opponent doesn’t know this. He’s not in the same room as me. He can’t see me. So, how do I get it across that I had fun, but would like to move on (to other stuff or other opponents).

Also, do you people label disconnecting opponents as ragequitters based on the amount of matches you’ve played, or…? If so, what’s considered a minimum before one ‘can leave’ (talking unranked matches here, of course)? ROFL… can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but yeah… here it is. If there are unwritten rules (of conduct or whatnot) that I should be aware of, I would like to know =).

Thanks in advance



Do you have a mic? :confused:


Yep. Never heard anyone say a peep, though.


Only certain people have mics, the message you send on PSN is basically an IM over MSN, it’s instantly received.


I see. Thank you =). Does the other user receive some kind of popup or something, notifying him that a message was sent?


yes :sleep:


it’ll basically work like a weird combination of instant message and email. it’s like an email where it’s a very long and drawn out process, but when you send it they are notified by the user and the subject upon receiving a message.

I don’t know about ragequitters on player matches.


Ragequitting is more of a mid match type of deal that’s usually seen in ranked matches when the precious Battle Points are on the line. Some people have pulled the plug in player matches but there aren’t any consequences for doing so unless you care about your win ratio that no one will ever see.

Quitting after getting whooped is no big deal so don’t stress, but for the sake of improvement keep playing the dude until you figure out how to beat them. Leaving on your own terms is much more satisfying.

Messaging works like IM with a horrid method of input unless you have a chat pad. Best to get a mic but they aren’t that common on PSN.


Thanks for the thorough replies =). I’m not a quitter by nature, but at some point one of the two has to leave :P. Just wanted to make sure I woudln’t be listed as a sore thumb, if it was me ^^.


As long as you don’t quit at the last round when all you have left is a last bit of health… you won’t be considered a quitter I don’t think. As for msging, if you want to make it simple pop-up the XMB (PS menu) go to Players Met, find the dude’s name and msg him “ggs” (good games). That should be sufficient if you are in a hurry or don’t got much else to say but want to show appreciation.

Sometimes this happens though:



classic =).


There’s also a text chat option since the last update (look where the friend list is). I have been using it with several people already. It’s quite nice. You can invite multiple people in. One problem with it: it censors and sometimes a bit strangely … for instance akuma becomes a***a because you could spell kum with a different letter of the alphabet and it would become a dirty word :smiley:

What I am getting lately is that my connection is reset in between rounds … doesn’t happen very often, but still … annoying as hell. I even had one disconnect that really looked like a ragequit (luckily i was playing against a friend who knew i don’t do things like that). When something like that happens, i send a mail to apologise for it, although i can’t do anything about it.

lol@dark vincent :slight_smile:


Happened to me several times as well. I actually thought it was the guy ragequitting on me and the game showing the wrong msg, but one time I pmed the guy asking why he ragequit if the match was pretty even and he said “I didn’t quit, you did, I don’t understand why either” that was when I realized it was a random disconnect. Most of time when this happens I’m either winning, or even x.x So it’s hardly confused with ragequit.


i usually put gg in the subject title too so i know they see it on their screens. also i like to pm when i see tactics i’ve nvr seen b4 even after i get my ass handed to me.