Good starter router for woodworking?

I’ve never done the slightest bit of woodworking, but would love to get into it as a new hobby. There is a woodcraft store that teaches some classes that I’ll probably look into. Is this a pretty good router/table for someone starting out?

Looks good for a starter table

im not sure about the router it comes with

What are you looking to accomplish?

I wouldn’t say the router was too great but for the price you won’t be able to beat it. Remember to factor in the costs of bits when you are making your budget.

Ultimately I’d love to be able to make a nice stick for myself one day with it. I’d want something that could make cuts into hardwood blocks, like some of the people here use.

I’m not fixed on a certain budget, I just came across this one and like the fact that it came with a router and table. Of course I don’t want to buy the top of the line most expensive stuff, but I’d be willing to spend more that the cost of this one if its worth it.

If that router itself isn’t good, does anyone else have any recommendations?

get a decent table and router

buy yourself some quality bits (they can be pricey)

When making cuts in hardwood, dont try to take all the wood off with one pass. Do it in gradual passes

I am kind of surprised there isn’t a “Woodworkers compendium” type of thread, discussing different woods (I know TMO started one, but it’s limited), different supplies (metal plates, glue, feet, etc.) and tool ratings. I know there are a million and one forums out there dealing with woodworking, but the subjects are so broad, it can be cumbersome to research.

I agree it would be a nice subforum here. I know byoac has a woodworking forum, which I’ll probably post on as well, but there are more people here with experience making the smaller type sticks.

if you are gonna be a bear be a grizzly:

this is the one i ordered last week for myself. you can also find it at Lowes for the same price. fun times lie ahead for me…

edit: these are the bits i read a review of- very good at what we would mostly be doing and all:

cool stuff.

Another thing I would absolutely LOVE to find, is an online wood retailer that deals in different sizes of exotic woods. The one I buy my wood from, only sells exotics in 12’ x 2’ x 1" planks, causing for prices to be very high on woods like African Padauk or Purpleheart. Would love to find an online retailer dealing in individual cuts, or even shorts.

To the OP, if you plan on buying tools, it’s best to buy something good. Cheap is nice on the wallet in the beginning, but frustration due to crap quality and performance really is not worth it in the end.

this is why i got the Bosch router. a lot of reviews about routers said this was the best by a decent margin. and those bits i posted the link to are supposed to be pretty amazing according to the review as well (they used the bits on mdf as well as some hardwoods with ease).

with tools do not be afraid to go for good stuff. it is not exercise equipment- this shit will be used and used well.

This place seems to have a somewhat decent selection on some of the exotic wood. They have a local store near by so I might check it out. Not sure if these prices are that good or not though:

I’m definately going to check that one out when I got to lowes this week. I see its going to bases as well which is nice

Looks as if it is a flooring store? Would be over $50 in costs to make one casing it looks like through them. I can get a 12’ plank for $90 (African Padauk, that is). Thanks for the link though :smile:

Good call on that router.