Good stick (and grip) for BIG hands?

Hey guys,

I picked up a HRAP3-SA a while back and although I love it, I swear the stick feels about 2x too small.
As a 6"3 guy with hands big enough to grip basketball from the top, I’m having a lot of trouble finding
a grip for the thing thats comfortable.

I guess what I want to know is… is there a particular stick I should look into which gels better with big
hands (like is the stick bigger on the madcatz – or is there a sanwa stick I can order online to replace
the one in my hrap3?) or is there a particular grip which will help my execution?
Currently I put the stick in-between my ring and middle finger and hold it no homo style.

Anyway, all feedback is welcome as always :slight_smile:

I know that they make 45mm balltops for joysticks…for me that’s really huge. Maybe this will work for you?

You could try buying a bat top if you have a hard time gripping the stick.

EDIT: Actually, the bigger ball could be a better idea.

I got yetti hands as well…6"3’ here too.

I hold the stick with my fingers only (index and thumb on the ball/bat, middle finger tucked under for support) and it’s much better then the between fingers technique for me.

I used to hold it just like you and it became really uncomfortable after a while as my own hands where in the way.
I wouldn’t change sticks, just find a different way to hold the stick. Also, a bat top might help with larger hands as well, and it’s only $3-ish so even if it doesn’t work for you after you try it, it’s not much money wasted

I have an HRAP2 and a SE, and i am about 6’5. My hands are huge as well, so big i am making a custom shortly.

But thats besides the point. the way i found best to hold it is if you put your thumb on one side and pointer/middle on the other like your holding a huge pencil. The bat top would help with this, but i only use 2 fingers on the balltop and it works out ok for me.


Cheers for the quick replies. Not sure how I feel about the bat top… I might order one of those 45’s and give that a go first.

Forgive my ignorance, but do the ball-tops just unscrew or do I have to do something to get them off?

P.S. I’ll give that two-finger method a go Das. I’m guessing you play guile which is good as he is generally my main also (I tend to stick to chargers) =)

So big hands = two-finger method. Interesting.

doomiej: If you go custom what kind of stick will you use?

For bat tops and 45mm ball tops, you will have to pair it with an adapter to fit with the JLF/Seimitsu sticks.

They do unscrew, but to get enough torque you really need to support the base of the stick to prevent it from turning. The bottom of the stick (under the metal top panel) is slotted, so you can stick a slotted screwdriver in there to support it while you twist off the balltop.

Btw, if the problem is that the stick feels too short (too close to the top panel to be comfortable), a bat top might help. Otherwise I’d give the other grips a try; the 45mm balltop will just be a bigger ball at the same height.

Yeah, that balltop just unscrew off. Just open up your stick, put a flathead screwdriver on the bottom of the shaft, and unscrew the top.

The_Third: I just noticed that I needed an adapter to use the Sanwa 45, but am I correct in thinking that the Seimitsu that ailerus linked for me ( will work fine on my JLF-TP-8Y-SK-W?

RoboKrikit: Okay excellent thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Is Gremlin Solutions the best place to order from? I’m from Aus, so I guess it wont make much difference where I order from…

From the description, I would say yes it’s not required. Just reminding you about the adapter if ever you get the bat top as well. is your closest reputable online store for arcade parts.

Excellent. Thanks!

I have pretty friggin huge hands myself. My madcatz TE just came in and I grip it the exact same way as Doomiej. It seems really comfortable so far.

Hmm damn, according to it seems that the Seimitsu 45 may indeed need a double threaded adapter.

Shit be gettin’ complicated all of a sudden ><

edit* Actually it looks like it should be fine with the Seimitsu. It’s def the Sanwa that needs the adapter :slight_smile:

Going to just go with the start JLF/balltop. Ive become quite familiar with it, and most other things feel strange to me now.

Hope the 45MM works for ya!

Only Sanwa LB-30N and Sanwa LB-45 require Thread Adapter.
Seimitsu LB-45 does not need Thread Adapter.

The 45mm ball top finally arrived and I installed it.

Unfortunately I think RoboKrikit was right - the main problem I am having is with the shaft of the stick. It’s too short and a bigger ball top didn’t fix that.
Looks like I might have to try a bat top and see how that goes. Has anyone else found using a bat top has helped them in this situation?

You think JLF Shaft too short?
Get an Extended Shaft.

Or get a Shaft Extender from laugh.
Check it out.
Pretty cool.

Ah you’re awesome jdm :slight_smile:

Very nice find. Ordered two. One for my Hrap3 SA and one for my incoming Mad Catz SDCC TE! :smiley: