Good stick for ps2 game on ps3?

My friend just got GGXXAC for ps2, but he’s playing it on ps3. What stick should he use? He’s torn between either buying a ps2 stick and a converter or just buying a ps3 stick instead. IIRC, the PS3 sticks don’t work with PS2 games? I’m not quite sure. And if he buys a ps2 stick, is the lag eliminated in the most recent firmware?

all ps2 games lag on ps3 regardless of settings. i wouldnt recommend playing on it at all. just an fyi

PS2 games don’t lag if you play them on an SDTV.

yeah they do. at evo, we had the ps3 hooked up on the crt tv in the hotel room(unless it was hdtv crt but it didnt look it, wasnt even widescreen). we hooked up just using compsite cables. ps3 games (t5dr and vf5) played fine, yet the ps2 games lagged to shit. using hrap3’s also.

i dunno if he had some funky setting or what. but it was horrible

I think the lag has something to do with the upscaler. You sure you weren’t using an EDTV while the PS3 was upscaling to 480p?