Good strategies to counter Ryus and Kens as Blanka?

Hey everybody, new to the fighting game scene, and I just registered on this site today.

I usually don’t buy fighting games(last one I bought was Smash Bros Melee when it first came out, and that really isn’t a fighting game compared to street fighter), so I need some help.

I currently main Blanka, as I heard that he is beginner friendly(and he’s Brazillian, like me!). I do fairly well, except against “flowchart” Ryus and Kens as how my friend would put it.

How do I counter them? When ever the game starts, all that happens is hadoukens and more hadoukens until I get close then a shoryuken. Sometimes I get them with the C. HP slide, and occasionally with the EX-backstep roll. But most of the time they counter me and I get K.O.'d easily.

Are there any strategies to counter the “flowchart” Kens and Ryus as Blanka? If so, which ones?

Thanks in advance.

I play ken and i was actually looking for a way to counter blanka lol. it seems a little counter productive but heres what seems to work on me. the slide is pretty good for getting in close and blanka balls are a little tricky to punish but mainly bait the shoryuken and punish it and if they are getting aggressive dont forget your electricity. thats just what works on me

Since they are flowchart shotos you should know what they are going to do.
Expect hadoukens, shoryukens and punish accordingly. If you know that they are going to wakeup srk, bait it and punish

I play Blanka as an alt and once you learn his tricks flowchart Kens/Ryus are easy.

You will want to use pretty much all your meter on EX moves in this matchup, specifically on blanka balls to punish as many FBs as possible. Whether or not they’re expecting it really doesn’t matter, if they’re gonna use FBs and you have decent reaction time, they’re taking a hit whether they like it or not.

When you don’t have meter, you can jump over FBs to get in, but once you’re relatively close it’s best to slide. Change it up from sliding all the way in to jumping over FBs most of the way then sliding. If you don’t jump over too often you can frequently catch them off guard with the slide at the end. When they stop spamming FBs, make use of blanka balls on them. Generally flowchart Kens/Ryus will nto think to defend when they stop spamming, they’ll merely walk towards you to try and DP. If they do block, shotos aren’t the greatest characters to punish balls. Another thing you can do once in awhile is use your backstep roll to get over his fireballs and land right on him. This is pretty unsafe and has fairly strict timing due to the backstep, but it’s useful once in awhile.

Once you get in close, bait out the SRK (not hard just stand there and block), and punish. This will take practice as lp. SRKs are relatively hard to punish online due to the delay, but once you get the timing down they won’t be able to touch you.

One of the most important things is DO NOT FORGET YOUR ELECTRICITY!

Cr. mp and cr. fp are godlike especially in this match up. If you use these, you’ll develop great footsies and there’s not a lot a flowchart can do about it except mash shoryuken. Just get within range, and use the moves (mostly cr. mp). If they jump at you, cr. mp is almost always free. If you do it right, they won’t be able to do anything to you.

don’t use EX backroll to stuff hadokens. they’re slow as hell. most of the time they have to throw a fireball after you’ve done your move for it to connect. use EX horizontal ball. watch out for ryu if he has super.

best way to play as blanka is to turtle

simple be lame as f*ck

As a Guile player, I support this statement.

You really shouldn’t be having problems with Ryu or Ken… I main Ryu and I’m having a hard time with Blanka, really hard to zone them out especially with all the ex balls and safe slides.