Good Strider Players to watch?



Wondering if there are any high-level Striders out there?
I have been watching Chou (Japan) over and over but is there anyone else?
I know Clockw0rk plays him but It seems like whenever I watch of video of him his Strider dies right away, or his doom kills everyone xD



Clock starts playing around the 35 minute mark, his strider some pretty good airtime and shows some nice stuff


Thanks. I’m for some reason having a hard time with Strider’s neutral game, I never know what I should be doing or effective ways of getting in.


Aminals and satellites for Strider’s neutral game.

Which… to be perfectly honest if you’re getting into an actual “neutral” (aka… “nothing” necessarily going on) game, that might be part of the problem.

Try to get used to using Strider’s tools to decide when a neutral game even exists at all. Strider can’t be consistently kept out by much of anything. Furthermore, you’d be surprised how often you can catch people trying to do something by throwing a few grams in there, which you can use relatively safely if you can space them properly.

Also, learn when to “regroup” (this is where I usually fail, dat tryharding lol). Not just for yourself, but to also lull your opponent into a false sense of security.

Get used to canceling things into satellite as well.