Good suggestions for speakers

Not sure if this belongs her or in Tech, but what are some good speakers at a fairly decent price?

PC Speakers, TV Speakers, or something you plan on using for both?

PC speakers

Cheap but still nice, the Logitech’s x530 or the Creative Inspire T6100 for around $70/$80 bucks.

Decent would be Logitech’s z5300e for around $130 (it comes with the same sub as the z5500)

The Creative G500 GigaWorks ProGamer set is a nice set as well.

The z5500 are great (I own this set my self), I had the x530 before I bought this set and there’s a huge difference in sound clarity and definition, and the sub is just awesome.

Forget about 7.1, there’s not much of a difference really and you need to set them up and position them correctly to take full advantage of them.

Yeah, the z5500 are great. If your PC has SPDIF (Optical) out, then it makes the sound even better with those speakers. You can do SPDIF for the Creative G500 as well, but you need to buy a separate add-on to be able to. If your PC has SPDIF, I suggest you buy the z5500 (around 250-400 depending where you buy it) to make the most use of it. If not, I’d say get the G500 which is roughly 200 dollars… because frankly, without the SPDIF the difference is not too much. If that’s still too much for you I’d go with the z5300e (around 130 dollars)… but the better choice would be to hold out and save some more money to get the G500. After all is said and done, if you think you don’t have the room to make use of 5.1 sound (if you can spend more than the speakers we’ve mentioned, wireless 5.1 is not a joke anymore and works really well, but the wireless sets go for around 400-500) and would rather just buy a 2 speaker set, I’d recommend the Creative GigaWorks T20 or Bose Companion 2, 3 or 5 (3 & 5 are pricey but they put out amazing sound. If you think you can’t actually put the rear speakers behind you due to problems with space, 5.1 is kind of pointless and you’d be better of spending your money on a set of amazing sounding 2.0 speakers)

and as Renesis mentioned, 7.1 makes no difference… especially because not many games or movies have 7.1 in the first place. You’ll just have 2 dead speakers taking up extra space… or for any media that actually uses 7.1 you just won’t notice much of a difference anyway.

the optical from pc to z5500 is better than the 6 channel direct?

i’ve always been on the impression that the 6 channel direct is better.

6 channel direct is better for real time audio = aka games, digital is better for movies. The thing about digital audio is that it is basically a pre-encoded stream that needs to be decoded on the speaker side (that’s how they send all channels using a single cord) whereas analog audio needs no decoding whatsoever and is sent trough separate channels. If you have a high end sound card like the X-Meridian, Auzentech Prelude or X-Fi (basically any sound Card with a good DAC), you don’t really need the digital output that much.

yeah i just read this really indepth review from dealtime:

there are some hidden features on it. one that i found really useful was volume normalization with different inputs.

anyways, he pretty much agreed with what you said; music and games are better on direct, movies are better on optical.

i’ve had the x-fi platinum for as long as i’ve had the z5500 so i didn’t notice that much of a difference between the two when watching movies on windvd

My pc’s optical out is hooked up to an Onkyo CS-V720 mini-surround system with optical-in, with the import optional powered sub-woofer 3-channel amp.

F*ck pc specific sound systems:wink: