Good team to start with?

hi i started playing mvc2 a little while ago at my friends house, and mostly i was just playing for fun taking teams of people I just found funny like the cactus guy, the sarcophagus and servbot, but i’ve been thinking of improving a bit and i just wanted to know if any of you have a good idea for an easy team to learn.


3 more include…

Storm-y[or a], Cable-b, Sentinel-y
Magneto-a, Storm-a, Cyclops-b
Storm-a, Sentinel-a, Commando-b

You can be effective with any character in the game, as long as you’re willing to practice. Well… maybe not any character… servbot is kind of ridiculous.

If you want to win a lot of games, and spend as little money as possible, pick top tier teams… Cable, Doom, Cyclops, Magneto, Sentinel, Captain Commando, Psylocke… there’s a complete list out there somewhere.

If you just want to have fun playing the game, pick characters you like, and look up the FAQs on them… like on GameFAQs or here. There are some good characters that rarely get used… proving that they can stand up to the best competition is one of my main reasons for playing.

Good luck, and have fun playing!

Tron Jon.

Sentinel/Cable/Commando is the best. :smiley:

i guess its sort of a matter of opinion. anyways im going to my friends house tomorrow hes quite good at mvsc2 im sure he’ll get me off on the right foot, thanks for your help anyways, maybe ill try some of those teams and surprise him :slight_smile:

heh try kobun/tron…just dash forward call tron proj. jump cross over fk and just keep them trapped…if he hasn’t experianced this team before it’s kinda hard to know what to do.

Rouge/commando/cammy or rouge/sent/commando

these teams own ppl! is al about rush down and rouge get’s a fucking damage upgrade with commando specially if you’re in power up mode!!!:evil: all ya gotta do is launch+commando AAA to the aircombo of yer choice and this will take half bar from sent!( and this is when she’s not at power up mode) and also rouge can offer sent good DHC opportunities as well as for CapCom n Cammy trough GNS so this makes this teams decent one’s to have fun with but also to own n rape ppl and good look while at it !


play wit ironman/sentinel/Captain commando

Your team depends on the way you want to play. If you like distance, than Cable, CapCom, and Sentinel are a good choice. If rushing is your forte’, then Storm, Rogue, and Cammy is always a good starter. If you want to learn and have fun at the same time, then choose characters that you like and develop with them. Every character is unique and adds a bit more of a challenge to the overall team. For me, I’m an aerial person, so I would need people with triple jumps who can play mindgames in the air. Like I mentioned, it’s all on what you want to accomplish more: winning or having fun.

well the team i started out with was Mag(Proj)/IM(Proj)/Psy(AAA) to me this team is pretty easy to learn. You’ve got Mag/Psy and then you’ve got IM/Psy. then there’s frame kill w/ Mag/IM

Launch, air dash d/f, sj. lk, xx hyper grav xx Tempest xx Proton Cannon.

or if you wanna show off start w/ IM

lk, hk, sj. fp a/d d/f sj. lk sj. lk sj. fp+UP, fly, sp, sp, call Psy AAA after AAA hits lk, lk, fp+UP unibeam