Good Teammates for BB Hood?

hi currently my team is either:

BB Hood a/ Sent y/ Tron y or Megaman B
BB Hood a / Storm a / Tron y

obviously i like bb hood (and to some extent Tron) too much to take her out of the team, so who else works GREAT with her?

oh and could you tell me if there’s anything wrong with any of the teams i currently use (besides the fact that the bb/sent/tron team has no aaa whatsoever.)

jin’s expansion? is that his tornado assist? sorry dont know the name


BB Hood / Sakura / Captain America.

The bomb is always there.

Well I’ve sort of getting back at the game, haven’t played for quite a long time now. :sweat:

Here are (IMO) the best teamates for BB Hood
-Sentinel (y) Assist
-Doom (AA) Assist
-IronMan(Proj) Assist
-CapComm(AA) Assist
-Storm(Proj) Assist

Most of those I listed are helpful for BB while on point,most of them pretty much protects her, plus most of them are starters for BB’ combos leading into her super(Cruel Hunting)

BBhood / Jugganaut / cable

have 3 bars and try to get a lk, lp in… once you get that, just THC. its enough to kill a full healthed assist and it’ll kill any character on point (cept sent though, but it’ll damage him real good)

B. B. Hood/Juggernaut/CapCom

That THC is more effective…and a guy I know plays that team…unless you’re a high defense character (Sent) you practically DIE by this thing!!


BB./Morrigan/Cap Com



yeah I spent to much time at the laundry mat

I agree with that team-up. B.B. Hood is all about getting under your skin, and keeping you foe at an arm’s length away with varying LP and LK missiles, followed by a rush-in combo, repeat while they’re on the defensive. Juggernaut with the Jugg. Punch Assist is good to keep an opponent consistently on guard (I pretty much doubt they’ll want to rush in after B.B. after collecting a colossal fist to the face) and CapCom prevents people from taking it to the skies.

Long story short, always give B.B. Hood a good Anti-Air Assist to work with when playing her. Cyclops, Capcom…even the shotos, if you want to be bold.

A friend of mine has a team up using B.B./Juggernaut/Hulk, and calls it the ‘Instant Kill Team’. Just build up 3 SC meters and nail them with the Tag Team Super (using Juggernaut, more effective near a corner) and you’ll see why. The Achille’s Heel of that team is Hulk (Gamma Charge Assist), though.

and a little bit of other random low tier in there too
i’ll post a link of a vid I made real quick not to long ago

here it is (eh ok quality)

that was pretty rad ^^^

ive been using the hood proj. assist with guile point lately and locking people down a bit, it is a suprisingly effective tactic with a few lp sonic booms.

My Bulletta team of choice is also my team of choice for low-tier Marvel tournaments: Bulletta, Juggernaut, and Gouki. It boils down like this: Juggernaut starts out, power up and tag into Bulletta who does what she does best. Gouki’s assist means a free gun super in the face. This is good. Very good. Also, with no meter, Juggernaut Punch offers excellent defense to get your opponents off your back. I hear that at low-tier Marvel tournaments you see a lot of Bullettas, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.

I like BB Hood, Juggy on ground or dash with Jin on aa.



bb hood sentinel cable

bb hood cable t bonne

I like the BBH team I invented by random dice roll. I changed BBH’s assist to projectile.

BBH, Hulk, Omega Red.

If either of the first 2 hits you, forget it. You’ve lost the guy. I’d imagine it’s the same if you substitute the better character of Omega Red out for the better assist of Capcom.

i was wondering if bbhood was compatible with gambit.

cause I love cyke/gambit that duo is like the storm/sent of low tier. I figure cyke/bbhood would be equally destructive, but I’m wondering if bbhood is compatible with gambit. I assume bbh with gambit behind her for missiles + kinetic card + hunting = death, but what about gambit with bbh behind him?

does she have more use than just a DHC off kinetic card xx royal flush?

Everyone’s compatible with Gambit-a. Try Gambit Morrigan BB Bood and Gambit BBH Cyc.