Good teammates for Joe?

Just as the title says, are there any “good” teammates for Joe? I usually go with a Joe-Polymar team, and that combo has its limitations. Although it is quite nice if I do the double super (sorry, not too good at the terminology just yet) with Polymar and Joe’s giant blaster gun, which does just as much as a normal level 3 (~20,200 IIRC) to replace Polymar’s subpar level 3.

I can definitely see Ryu being a good teammate for Joe, but I’m unsure about Alex. Canceling out of Mach Speed to Shin Shoryuken seems awesome, though. As far as I can tell, Joe’s specials ('cept his level 3) have to be used in tandem with other specials. His Mach Speed has great potential when it comes to canceling, so I think Joe’s best teammates should be able to take advantage of that.

That said, Casshern isn’t to shabby as a teammate, and you can cancel Mach Speed to hit his 623BC special.

ROFL. I was just playing around with Casshern a bit, and I discovered that if you use his dog summon with the B button after you do Joe’s assist, his dog will take the bomb all the way to the opponent. That makes the Shocking Pink assist slightly more useful…


That is pimp

Lol…this makes me think of that urban legend involving a dog taking a stick of dynamite under a car.

Anyway, Megaman goes well with Joe. a HC allows Joe to land his six cannon super. Also, Jun the Swan apparently has a good HC with six cannon as well.

Roll might be nice to use alongside voomerang spam, since her projectile has a nice arc and leaves a patch on the ground for zoning that your opponent needs to jump over.

I like the roll idea, wish used her tho.

I use polymar wih joe cuz you can cancel mach speed into all of polymar’s hypers

I’m still looking for a good team with Joe. My Joe is getting pretty sick with the rushdown and mixups and stuff, but I’m still lacking a strong teammate for him. Every new team I try turns out the same way (cept with Daimao); I’m individually good with both characters, but they don’t work very well together. I’m still experimenting with a bunch of other characters (I’m currently trying Batsu, Tekkaman, and Alex) but nothing really seems to click with me, nor can I find any *good * DHCs or combos with assists.

Any ideas?

Polymar is good, but common. You can also try Jun the swan. She can DHC with six cannon for great damage, and her assist is long-ranged and has a nice arc, so it’s good alongside voomerang spam.

I’m not a big fan of Jun as a character.

I spent a good chunk of time last night practicing the Batsu/Joe team. I found some rape combos… if I have enough bars to pull it off. 4 bars = one combo that can kill Karas. But in a game where bar management is essential, I’m not sure how useful this will be.

Also, I keep trying to do some sort of cool combo using Tekkaman’s assist, but I can’t think of anything decent >_<. Tekkaman is really powerful, and he is definitely one of the top on my list for potential teammates.

If you can land a Tekkaman beam + Six cannon Hyper Combo, that’s going to hurt a lot.

Also, have you tried launcher > assist > Space Lariat > backwards voomerang or something?

You can just jump and hit them with an aerial rave instead of just a voomerang. And I don’t think there is any way to combo the Tekkaman beam + Cannon from Joe’s normals. The only way to combo it is from Tekkaman’s 6C, afaik.

So yeah, i find Joe to be a really good keep away character. Voomerang spam and redhots kicks make great keep away. I find roll and Casshern’s assist to work great for him. I think Soki, and Ryu also have good assits to help take up screen space. Anybody have anyother characters they find good for keep away?

Yatterman/Joe is pretty good.

How so?

Because he thinks so.

I would really like to know how Yatterman/Joe is a good team tho.

What kind of synergy would they have besides they are both safe mofos.

I’m messing around with Yatterman-2 with Joe, and I’m liking the ideas I’m having so far.

For a good 5-meter combo you’ve got ground combo, Slow and Zoom, Six Cannon, :qcf:+:2p: whatever that one’s called of Yatterman-2’s. With Yatterman-2 on point, she can actually take advantage of the V-Bomb with all her mobility traps and such. Assist + Horizontal Ricochet Shot = 3/4 of screen controlled.

I like the way that sounds. I still think Polimar is good partner for Joe though, Polimar’s assist is so good.

I’m still trying to find someone I’m comfortable pairing Joe with. So far I’ve tried Tekkaman, Ken, Ryu and will eventually try Zero and Blade. I also gave Polimar a short run, but I don’t think I like his moveset. So far Ken is the one I’ve found easiest with, but I’ve also put in more time with him compared to others. Anyone else got suggestions or tips?

I too am in the same situation. I am currently running a karas/viewtiful joe team, while karas assist works wonder with joe, joe’s assist does not work with karas…

Okay after a lot of testing, i have found megaman a really good partner for joe

Megaman’s assist works wonders with joe, you can combo his assist with the canon super

Also, megaman works with the bomb assist since he is a run away character… he can do a lot of mix ups with joes bomb assist

If you only like rushing characters then i don’t know, megaman is a really good partner for him.