Good teams for a beginner?

Picked up UMvC last week, never played vanilla, and while I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the basics, There are way too many interesting characters, and it seems like certain crossups would be better paired with certain others, but there are so many options… any advice on good teams for a complete beginner? I just want something balanced, so I can branch out from there. Thanks!


Ghost Rider, hulk sentinal.

go to a beginners lobby and hit H all day.


Wesker and Vergil so you can herp-a-derp all over people and akuma because every can play

wolverine, wesker, sentinel!

Nem/Ghost Rid/Hulk


Wolverine (Beserker Slash), Captain America (Shield Slash), and Ryu (Tatsu).

Wolverine is to teach you how to do combos.

Captain America is to teach you how to use an assist.

Ryu is to teach you how to use X-Factor 3 (I recommend Ryu over Akuma because he can take more of a punch, and is a little more straight forward).

This team also has the plus side of being somewhat viable competitively, although you will want to branch out to other characters once you get the basics down, I’m sure.

Remember to thank me when you win Evo.

Play Hsien-Ko and Tron. Every other character you play will be godlike.

Wesker and then all random.

I think it’s important for you to actually understand how to make a successful team. I think this is the question you should be asking. Once you understand this you can build teams with characters you actually know how to play instead of this thread telling you what are the easiest characters to play together.

How do I make a successful team?

The Brady guide would be a really good starts. Also, it’s dated now, but the Cross Counter guide with Viscant covers team building, and there is some good stuff in there you can carry over into Ultimate. What you might want to do is settle in on the character you want to play the most, then study on how to build a team around that character; there is a team building thread in each sub-forum that should help


I’m on the same situation bro

I’m gonna definitely use amaterasu, so I have 2 spots open on my team. I was reading that assist/character types thread but they all seems to be hybrid like they could fit on any position.

I honestly don’t know where to begin to build a team over amaterasu :frowning:





I’m thinking of playing that team and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask to tournaments.

Yeah, Amaterasu is one of my favorite Capcom characters, i’ve seen people win and lose with just about anything though, so maybe it isn’t such a big deal. i’ve been practicing with Doom, Dante and Nemesis, and they seem to work pretty well together (not sure about nemesis though), but I guess I’m not crazy about the characters themselves. I’ve always been fond of Hulk as well. It seems like you need some long reach assists if you’re playing with someone like Hulk, though, cuz you would need something to get in close.

Find a character you like that can do a lot of damage fairly easily, so you probably want to stay clear of dante, viper, strider, modok, iron man, magneto, doom, shuma… probably a few more, until you are more used to the game and its mechanics. Then find a good assist for that character you like and put wesker third.

Read this to get a really solid idea on team composition (courtesy of Karsticles)
UMVC3 Team Building Guide

I have a friend who can’t really do higher execution stuff and struggles with basic air comboes. I recommended Wolverine/Hulk/Sentinel and he is doing okay with it.
It’s a good team for beginners because all the characters have ground bounce hit confirms and get great damage off really basic shit. I’d recommend that to anyone who struggles with executing complex combos. You only need to focus on out thinking your opponent with it. The main problem it has is that it’s limited on mix-ups. Outside of Berserker Slash + Drones and Sentinel’s slow high-low-throw mix-ups it’s somewhat limited.