Good Times Tourney 7-18-03


1st. Nestor Corchado “Sage” - Storm/Sentinel/Capcom
2nd. Pryde - Storm/Cable/Doom or Cyclops
3rd. Caddles - Sentinel/Cable/Capcom
4th. John Lee “Commy” - Magneto/Sentinel/Tron

Good shit everyone


haha…not too surprising…whens the next gt tourney?


DELVIS!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Southern Illinois University (SIU) fighters


only reason those are the results we dru and myself didnt show
we were asked not to



omfg i cant believe you actually listened to me i said i wish you didnt go it would better my chances i have a good idea next time i see dru ill ask him to throw the match and then you guys can give me all your $ this was def one of the stupidest things i have heard in a while



did he almost put a perfect on you playing on a dpad?



that was my friend i was the guy that won the 3rd strike tourney


it was a fine show

i need an arcade stick . . . i got bitched out in ggxx repeatedly



i know who u r and i saw everything dru did get a perfect on your friend when you went downstairs dro took the color out that foo face


Yo chill fat man. Appearntly Ct is what it talks… Trash. He ocv’d me one match yeah, I’ll admit it but it wasnt close to a perfect. I took like 90% off his 1st char. And who won against Dru in the tourney? Oh Johhny Cena did, 2-0. And one match was an ocv. And if i remeber correctly I beat ur ass 2-0 in the tourney as well. Damn Bacardi your r just too good in Marvel:cool:



chill little bitch cuz thats what u r if u so damn fucking good when dru offered t play u for money what u say no cuz u is a bitch and damn where the fuck have i ever said i am good in mvsc2 damn i enjoy playing but i aint good and if i remember in our matches at barnage u ran away and won by time by very little like a lil bitch so dont talking u like the next biggest thing cuz u aint u lil bitch thats my new name for you lil bitch but if you think you good at mvsc2 and shot i got 300 hundred dollars that say u dont come to ct and beat dru in mvsc2 at the ct tourney you’ll come down and be like no like last time cuz u is a bitch go home back to training mode bitch



I had no money to bet fag, so if i lost what was i supposed to say? I cant pay i betted money with out having money. Yes that would’ve been smart. And me vs. you matches werent close at all. If i remeber correctly u were the chunky loud one, and if u are i beat u pretty bad. I think both mathes were ocv’s or close to it.



dude u must love talking shit come to the ct tourney if u think u hot shit and no u aint ocv u ran away like a lil bitch bot matches and always had one character left both times nooned ocvd me at barnage specially not some scrub like you and again i say if u think u hot shit come up with 300 dollars and play dru if u win damn you 300 dollars richer but if u dont wanna stfu scrub


Yo I know you dont want a degree in thuganomics chubbs. And please stop lying I beat you bad. But Imma just stop responding to your post cuz its all :lame: .



degree in what when went to barnage u aint say a fucking word "thug"u one shooked up lil white kid who watched 8 mile to many times grow the fuck up wanksta if u wouldve talked all the shit online u were talking before barnage to me or dru at our faces then u wouldve been dropped like a bad habit. All u do is stay quiet in a corner keep internet “thugging” from behind a keyboard john with your online degree in “thuganomics” but if i was you i for my back cuz u still a bitch wanksta


i knew pryde had been training hardcore


which leaves me with a final question

when’s the next tourney? :smiley:


negative bigdave, i wasn’t training at all.

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Re: Re: Good Times Tourney 7-18-03

IE: You went to goodtimes only 6 times in the week?


Re: Re: Re: Good Times Tourney 7-18-03

nope, i only went once before that and played like 5 games.