Good to Great PSN Vegas? I'm Searching

I main a good rog and a pretty good bison, I don’t have much experience against Vega with the exception of Vega scrubs who mash backflips after every attack. :rofl:
any good to great Vegas want to help me train? I need to practice on this match up since i don’t play it much.

PSN: is Ning726, in Vancouver, Canada. prefer players from west coast or mid-west since i get 4-5 bar connection with said players.

lets get it!

im not saying im great but im better than the average scrub…i can probly help you out…plus i live right next door my man! add me!

Nah dont play him banana.
If thats who i think it is, hes trash.

aubstuh(some #)?


^ who the hell is this… NTer? lol

Why do all the players on this board come from the US, damn.

I’m not sure i’d qualify as a good Vega…I definitely fall under the category of great though! Add me. But I never play more than 5 practice matches in a row…I find that it can be counter productive after that.

Ps: Mangojoe, is that a joke or for real???!!

It was just a joke.
I know that guy from another forum.

NT…Chicago Bully88 aka Havik.

Yo i might spend the weekend at my gf’s apartment, and her roommate has a ps3 (im XBL).
If i can find a copy of SF4, ill let you know so we can run a few.

Add Ambroxious he’s the best Vega on PSN . Nice guy too.

yeah, chi bully just send me a friend request.

^ and is ambroxious state side? i’m not tryna play anyone overseas, too much lag.

^ well apparently im terrible cuz this guy fucked my shit up hardcore! uhh ya…i quit

Who, Ning, or Ambroxious? Ah what the hell, I’ll add 'em both.


i’m a pretty good vega, though i’ve just switched to guile as my main ( i still kick ass with vega though). i’m good with balrog, ryu, and ken too. add me if you’re from NY as i like to play with no lag. fyi i use a stick and prefer to play against other stick users. coolies. PSN: lelezi

ning…hes a beast!! add him! maybe you can provide a better challenge lol

Play against Graphf. He is a pretty solid vega player and is online fairly often. I’m sure he would welcome the challenge. West coast too.

a few pple on my friends list gave me tatsujinken, but the delay was unbearable on a 2 bar connection. i got whooped and didn’t win once, good vega.

I have an excellent record against Balrog…but I live in Ireland, so I gues that counts me out???

ya graph is pretty solid…much better than me

anyone who wants to play a great XBL vega hit me up

You had two bars with Tatsu? He from Cali.
Hes one of the strongest U.S. Vega’s.

Yo Ning, if you wanna play a good/great vega I recommend playing vs Tatsujinken.

His vega is probably the best in SoCal and he KNOWS the bison matchup since he plays me, sanchez, bebop and other bisons a lot.

He should know the Rog matchup too lols.

Edit: oops I didn’t read that above… looks like you did play tatsu already, which is weird if it lagged.
I always get like 5 bars with him and 4-5 bars with you =/

P.S. What happened to Abel Ning?! that was some sick stuff you were doing with him XD