Good tool for crimping quick disconnects?


I’m looking for a good quality tool to crimp quick disconnects. I’ve used cheap crimping tools in the past ($20), but they usually give me bad crimps.

Any suggestions for a good crimper?


I just use pliers. They don’t have the awkward shape of a crimper and they work really well. Not to mention I’m sure you have a pair lying around somewhere already.


I use my Paladin 1300 w/ interchangeable dies

Home Depot has similar crimpers


Nice, what die connector do you use? Does it look like this by any chance?


That would probably work better than the die I use. My die has a .128 hex that I use.


i just use some flat pliers, thats fockin guaranteed good crip. seriously thats all i use


But the ratcheting sound of a Paladin crimper is so satisfying. @ 14:48:hitit:


Just to make sure the wire never falls out, I solder the wire in and then push over the tabs with a pair of pliers.

Depends on what quick connects you use. If you use the ones with the plastic outer covering you could solder and forget about crimping.

Just a suggestion.


That’s true. But I did manage to fcuk up the connects on a button by squeezing too hard so be cautious when doing so. Just my .02.