Good tower for 500 usd


instead of buying a ps4 t play 2 games i want, i think it would be best to just get a pc, so i can download certain other fighters. i only play fighting games. i want tekken 7 badly, and it seems everyone i seem to ask are elitist lame asses. who just say what i’m thinking of buying is crap. vs actually telling me what would be best for my buck. i really don’t get why certain people are such cock faces when they are able to be behind a screen.

anyways where do you think would be the best place to get a desktop tower for around 500? i was looking at amazon, idk if i trust ebay. 500 is alot to get something and get fucked over :frowning:


Sounds like your talking to alot of Pro-console people.

Honestly if you are going the PC route, I would rise my budget, even if its only by a slight bit. Don’t get locked into a flat $500 if you can help it.
Look at the games you want to play, take close look at the PC specs. Those are the minimum specs you are looking to achieve.

Write out a list, that your spec requirements are, where you like to be specs wise. And your budget.

Don’t buy from eBay unless they are a well known as respectable seller with a 99% or better positive feedback, and never anything below 95%.
Amazon is okay.

As for the most bang for you buck, go for Desktops and not Laptop machines. Laptops will run for more while providing less powerful hardware.

I am assuming you already have a keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Sometimes its better to build your own PC over buying a prebuilt of the shelf unit. Most Prebuilts use cheap parts and filled with annoying shovel ware.
Check out PC part picker to help plan out the build and get the best prices for those parts.
Use Kinguin for buying your OS.


I mean, buying a PS4 wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Most of the competition is on PS4. The best platform is where your friends are at and where you are the most comfortable.

If you feel the PC community is the most comfortable, consider building your own PC.

If you are on a budget, try to find a cheap refurbished dell tower that has a good cpu but no gpu. Then you can buy your own GPU and upgrade it, and possibly the upgrade the ram and hard drive as well.


Definitely the rule for PC gaming is spend more now or spend more later if you are trying to run newer future titles and their designed FPS. A Used/Refurbished XB1 will be very cheap when the XB1X launches this holiday season and it runs T7 @ 60fps but will probably still look better then a $500 pc running T7 @ 60fps and has access to some XB360/XB1 fight man games.

But I agree go refurb PS4 if I wanted most bang for buck. But like XB1 you’ll need a paid subscription to play online.


reason i want pc is cause i wana emulate alot of ps2 roms and ps1 the game sim gonna play arnt super graphical just average fighters tbh tekken 7 being by far the highest level game ill run on it im thinking of waiting till black friday then gonna buy a desktop then for 500 hopefully on black friday ill be able t get a great pc i hate windows 10 so i hope t find a windows 7 or ill just install windows 7 into the system


I’m not sure you’ll be able to find a pre-built with windows 7 on it still… I built my tower 5 or 6 years ago, and IIRC all of the pre-built options had windows 8 already.

If you shop newegg they have regular sales on motherboards/CPUs/ect, I would think black Friday could bring even better deals.

It’s mostly a circlejerk, but r/pcmasterrace has some good resources for building ~$500 PCs. If you bumped your budget up $100 or $200 I think it’d make a big difference in what you’d get.

I remember being really disappointed in the GPUs that came in pre-built towers, which is why I ended up building. The level of card you’d get compared to the total price of the tower seemed disproportionate.


You are not going to find a New Windows 7 Machine from Retailer. Even refurbished systems that were originally Win 7 are sold as Win 10.
Plus if you are a gamer you might want that DX12 support. DX12 is exclusively for Win 10 and the Xbox One consoles.
The downgrade to Win 7 could hurt more than help.

So true, mediocre graphics, and cheap as hell power Supplies.

Very True.

Make sure you check out PC Part Picker
One of the better resources for PC building.

Here is a very Baseline entry build, it isn’t that great but it has more computing power than the Xbox One X (Project Scorpio).

Now if you want something a bit better, bring that budget up higher, go with 16Gb (two 8GB sticks) of total Ram and a better video card.

Like something like this is a better starting point.

Note nether build as optical drives, as Optical drives are becoming less and less common with downloaded software. And its money you dont really need to spend.


i think ill get as used ps4 on ebay or somewhere hopefully for 150 bucks ill get cheapest i can then on black friday a 500 dollar pc should get me alot right


the site that you just sent the entry level gaming build that comes out around 500 would that be enough to play tekken 7 smoothly? id like to learn how to build a pc but atm im much to flustered to focus on that id need to see it hand son to learn a si know nothinggg about electronics building unless the pieces just snap in together without tools then id have some issues


$500 is going to last you a year at most on decent specs, IF THAT.

Anyone wanting to get a PC gaming build needs to come in with the money in mind to future proof it so that you don’t have to continually spend a ton of money to keep everything going smoothly. On top of that, future proof it now so that even if you can spend the money later, you won’t have to, nor will you have to spend the time putting new drivers on your machine later down the line. If you do it once on first run then don’t have to every few months or so, you’re fine.


well im not gonna buy any new games coming out im not gonna be getting these cutting edge pfs games ill mostly be playing tekken 7 maybe ki or sf4 and then lots of ps2 level fighters cvs2 type stuff and ddr lol maybe ill put 600 into it im looking at that beginners pc build id like for it to have 4ghz processor t make sure it plays well it seems the graphics cards are where the money comes into i only need about 1 tb of space tbh so i can save there alot say u only need 8 gigs ram but maybe i should get 12 just t make sure


I think there’s somewhat of a misunderstanding when it comes to “how long PC parts last.”

Not being able to run games on ultra/high isn’t the same thing as not being able to run a game at all.

I think saying $500 will get him a system that needs replacing in a year is a bit of an exaggeration. Maybe he needs to run games at med/low to make 60fps for a few years before buying a new GPU… but I doubt he’ll need a new CPU/PSU/mobo/ect in a year…


iv been watching some vids on how to build a pc i think i may go this route i think my best thing is to but a good cpu and over the years when i get extra 1 t 200 extra dollars i could upgrade my ram or gpu .

i think ill start off with an 8 gig ram stick then upgrade to 12 t 16 in future and get the basic graphics card that the site gave me thats around 130 dollars isnt the cpu the most important thing for playing good games and a decent graphics card?


Buy a $150 PS4 with a $50 PS+ annual subscription.

Or save up and buy a used gaming desktop locally for ~$500 - $700 that a seller can demo for you running SFV/T7 @ 60FPS at a resolution you like.

Also do you plan on playing the pc on your tv or will you need to budget as well for a gaming monitor?

A dsp troll account trolls.


Processor clock speed is not the only measure of a CPU any more. There is a reason most Newer top of the line CPUs top off about 3.0 Ghz to 3.5 Ghz without an overlock.
4Ghz isn’t going to get you a better gaming machine. My own Top of the line CPU ($350 for just the CPU) runs at 3.99Ghz overlocked.
The processor industry been backing away from 5Ghz and back to 3Ghz because of heat issues, the focus now is multi-threading, games and programs taking advantage of those multiple processor cores…

What is going to give you a decent gaming performance is a good Graphics card. As for a CPU you want at least a Dual Core CPU, a Quad core would be even better.

Plus that 2nd build I gave you has a open upgrade path for years.

I also notice a major flaw in the baseline Intel build, the Bios needs to be up to-date or that Pentium CPU will not work (it’s a krabylake family processor)
And you need a compatible CPU to update the board before using your CPU of choice.

The Ryzen 1500X would be the better choice.


Actually someone in another thread pointed out something to me.

If you don’t mind buying used, get a older Intel i5, Xeon or AMD FX Workstation PC and using the rest of what you save for a good Graphics card, maybe a Ram and PSU upgrade.
Look for Refurbished rather than just used, refurbished by the manufacture than just some shop/reseller is better. The downside of the AMD FX is it’s a closed upgrade path as AMD nolonger make AM3+ CPUs and sockets.
Make sure the Motherboard takes a PCI-e Graphics card.

On eBay look for sellers with a 98% or better Seller rating, with 100% being preferred.


i dont get the last thing you said but anyways i think im gonna use a smart tv as the monitor i dont wana invest in a screen for gaming tbh i already have a laptop i love games but i find spending over 500-600 is insane for a hobby as a grown man i think its best for me to wait till cyber monday then a 5 t 600 dollar pc will be around 8 t 900 easily for me im gonna try and get a used ps4 for now im just wondering what cpu and gpu i want atm im not paying over 150 though for a graphic card


i use to think the cpu’s higher the number means better. i was told tekken 7 needs at least 3.5 ghz. so i figured anything 4.0 is better than in the 3s so i should try to get a quad huh. alot of guys told me quad cores were shit lol. so i didnt know. i dont need something super duper powerful, but what i hateeee is lag.

so i got to have it run as smooth as it can, or id probably punch my screen lol. like i said tekken will be the biggest thing i run ever on it im sure. unless i get tekken 8 5 years from now which i could easily just buy a new cpu, gpu, or update the ram. im gonna use 1 8 gig ram slot, and in future ill buy another t double it if needed. gpus are so expensive its crazy. my friends cost 400 dollars lol . id like to get a used one if possible. but i was told that’s risky business, as most people arnt gonna sell a good one nowadays.


LOL, lag has nothing to do with the processor.

Tekken 7 pc requirements
CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5 GHz or equivalent. (This does not mean you need a faster than a 3.5 Ghz CPU, CPU clock speed is no longer a measurement of performance).
The Intel Core i5-4690 is a 4th Generation i Core series CPU. Any Intel CPU 5th or newer or any AMD FX 8000/9000 CPU or even the newer Ryzen CPUs will work.

Bad move, and I going to tell you why. DDR3 and DDR4 Ram now comes in whats called Dual Channel. Both Ram sticks ion a ram stick pair are utilize at the same time for maximum transfer rate.
Going with a single stick of 8 GB ram is only going to Handicap your self.

-GeForce GTX 1060, or equivalent

You Don’t need a $400 Graphics card. Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060 begins at $249 from various board partners. And the AMD RX 480 can go for cheaper
The current crop of $200 to $250 new cards on the market can easily support your Tekken 7 game


ok so what graphic card should i get then for cheapest that should play tekken 7 and generally how much is the cpu your talking about it seems the graphic card is the most expensive thing t buy my friend told me to not even worry about buying a dvd burner for a disk drive as today everythings digital is this true i dont do things with media disk like watch dvds ect so i guess i dont need it

btw how is this processor? if this a good price i may buy it if not im gonna wait till cyber monday and buy all my parts individually then