Good Traps with Spiderman and Company

Recently i went to the 40th street arcade and seen this amazing spiderman/ken/gambit
trap. All that i want to know is does anyone know of any traps with those three. Ken used command rolls out the ass. The guy’s spiderman was pulling out infinites as well. Some type of web ball air infinite.

Does anyone know of any good traps can you post them here.

Thanks. :karate:

Hey, you talkin about 40th and spruce? lol Yeah I see that dude all the time…the gambit/parker thing is not a infinite; his spidey is just THAT sharp. The one combo i’m really feelin is his one where he pop you up then hit you back down into gambit’s assist cards, and resets into some other thing.

As for my own traps…iceman balance is good for spidey’s rush.
I’m still buildin on that though.

first of all, spiderman does not have any webball infinites. if you webball once in a combo, you cannot webball again.

secondly, if you’re losing to a spiderman that’s not mine or dark phelps, you need some work.

lastly, some good traps with spiderman…

spiderman + doom.

works well, if you can manage to corner, use rocks, HP web throws, j. lp webballs, and web dash xx d+hk to keep them there, the chip is good, and if you hit, air combo. if doom hits, web throw or super…

also,,,, call doom, super jump, sj, lp, lk, hp, xx maximum spider works… :slight_smile:

spiderman + sentinel drones.
works well, harder than doom. but works well nonetheless. the trapping situation here is more open. you’re going to depend more on keeping shit flying everywhere (including drones, web throws, and web balls), to limit their mobility. you wont be able to keep them grounded with this.

as the previous poster said with iceman, you could trap with iceman’s variety assist. the big iceball works wonders.

now for spiderman teams…

mine is spiderman / strider / doom

i could give you some good combos / pointers with that team… as well as any of the following…

spiderman / venom / doom
spiderman / magneto / sentinel
spiderman / jin / tronn bonne
spiderman / cable / blackheart

in general, i use spiderman primarily, even though he absolutely sucks. :slight_smile:

hit me up on AIM if you wanna talk about spider some… theTEMPESTsonata

I wish i was there to see king iceman get his ass kicked again!!! :clap:

Trust me you dont want it with my team son. My Cammy Thanos bubble trap will off you in no problem homie. I dont lose easily.

after seeing that bum @ ctf take down chaosnightwolf’s MSS with omega red, ken, commando, i’ll believe anything… mofo trapped with ken’s expansion, coils, and that thing OR does for his aaa… but straight, idk what it’s called