Good use of Yagyou-Dama outside of the unblockable?

I used to use tengu-stone all the time with Oro, but I realized since I have trouble landing chicken combos (not so good at parrying into it) Yagyou-Dama might be better. I can’t do the unblockable, but I usually use it as a sort of miniature aegis reflector.

If I think the opponent is gonna jump, I use MP Fireball xx Yagyou Dama, then i jump over the dama and try to cross them up (would that be unblockable?) and also try to poke them high or low to get them to eat it.

Any other good applications besides the unblockable?

Sometimes I use it for corner pressure but for the most part that’s a waste of meter, it has won me matches a few times though.

You can try to get mid screen cross ups by hitting them with a jab fireball into Yagyou and jumping over, although it’s not very safe.

You can do corner resets, or if you’re too close to the corner for an unblockable you can reset with c.fierce, dash in and either cross up or mix high/low attacks, depends on the character you’re fighting. Yes cross ups are possible depending on the character, Dudley, Hugo, Alex, Necro and Urien are a few that come to mind right now.

My best advice, is learn the unblockables, they are ridiculously easy to do and are worth it if you have good meter built. Learn to use both Yagyou Dama and Tengu Stones, then choose your super depending on the matchup. Try Tengu Stones vs Yun and Yagyou vs Dudley, for example.

you dont need to combo into tengu stones for it to be effective

Yagyou dama gives more options to Oro and more EX overall. I would recommend for matched where crossing the opponent up in the corner is available. Even when it isn’t though, the setups can be piss hard for people to parry, and you can just loop them over and over and over and over. If you can’t do the unblockable with yagyou, you are better off picking tengu stone just to confirm off of 2 hit that is god like punishment.

For one Mario, you NEED to learn how to do the chicken combo FLAWLESSLY… that’s Oro’s bread and butter. If you can’t do that then there’s really no point in playing Oro… as for Tengu, you do not have to link it from the full chicken… a 2hit launcher to EX Tengu is really all you need and in most cases is much more safer than attempting the full combo for miniscule damage and running the risk of fucking it up. However, the difference between the 2 supers is that in order to use Yagyou effectively against most of the cast (ie. midscreen unblockables) you NEED to do the chicken in order to get the juggle count maxed out. If you can’t do the chicken, but still want to use Oro, stick with the Tengu stones. But seriously… go into practice and learn that shit!

BTW… watch this video about 300 times if you haven’t already and make sure to master everything… especially the kara stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask one of us… we’re happy to help fellow Oro players.


Yeah…Chicken combo is what builds meter for you. You get nearly 3/4ths Tengu meter when you complete a whole chicken combo. A bar and a half of Yagyou meter. GDLK. Learn to love chicken.

Hm so yeah the Oro threads have been dead for well over a week so i figured id post something, no matter how much crap it is.

I really moved away from yakoudama recently, i only always use it against alex hugo dudley… and the cpu. hugo and dudley obv cos its so bloody easy to unblockable them with, and alex because you have a lot of chances to parry into unblockables, because alexs only decent game plan is to get right up close ie exactly where you want. Against top level shoto users, corner throw - activate ex tengu has been a lot more successful for me than tryin to get close and them, cos if ure playing someone clever with experience, they wont get close to you.

Jinrai’s video is good, but I have to say its getting a bit old, I have so many more mixup options / poking strings / blah blah beyond that vid which could make a second installment to oro tutorials, Im sure you guys have some fresh ideas too. But having said that i rly dont have equipment to make a vid :frowning:

Keep in mind, that video was made in January 2003. I have more than enough material to make Man of Gold 2, but I’m just too lazy to bother.

True, its a very old vid, but i guess the fact that people are still referring to it to help with their gameplay with oro shows how good it is. Perhaps help with matchups vs top tiers, even against chars like hugo who some people actually find pretty tough :smiley: would help a load of people. Charge partitioning in order to play footsies and zone, not just for the heck of it would be good for people too. Im just throwing out random ideas here guys :S

Why don’t you make a video? :smiley:

I found Hugo tough for a long time but in order to beat him you just have to turtle like crazy… throw out fireballs and whiff RH… it seems to be the only poke that he cannot beat.

Far standing Forward, mixed with Roundhouse and the occasional low Forward, works even better.

Dancing outside of hugos + range and throwing out works even better still. Instant overhead rh will kill him after that.

Oh and don’t bother throwing out fireballs, u really have to be near-full screen otherwise hugos slapping mp will trade with the end of oros finger, and oro loses out to that big time.

Yeah Hugo’s easy, it’s just a really boring match hahaha.

I think when people are using SAII outside of the chicken combo, theyre really just looking for a superjump over the opponent, which again will create an unblockable, so outside of unblockables theres no real use, a “corner aegis” style yakoudama is crap, if you do it too close they can a) hit you out of its startup (gay) or b) block… the ball will be gone by the time you throw out 1 poke, so theres no room to continue another combo. From farther away, the opponent has even more options, jumping over dash back, fireball the thing down, whatever. Only use SAII if you intend to land unblockables AND if you’re sure it can land against your opponent, ive met countless kens who want to stay in the corner vs SAII oro, or at least theyll never ever get close. If you dont want to use chicken combo use tengu stone, its that simple.

Why do I see people reset with cr.fierce into Yagyou in the corner? I used to do it but sometimes I would only get two hits off the Yagyou and couldn’t even hit them with a roundhouse half the time. Unless they try to parry I don’t get what use this has.

Its a sure way to land the ball without the unblockable, but the extra damage is pathetic. If they try and parry it on reset however, ure laughing, throw out a random roundhouse, and either another after the ball finishes hitting, or another cr fierce xx SAII :stuck_out_tongue:

But you must be playing a right scrub if they try and parry it on decent health.

Getting all the hits off the ball along with a kick of your own depends on how high the opponent is when u land the reset, their hitbox (eg alex gets hit easily) and how quick you are. To sum it up, its all about the opponents air-reel hitbox.

Corner crossup characters are also vulnerable to upward EX fireball unblockables off a corner reset Yagyou. They’re screwed whether they parry or not.

Good point. But its very hard to time on chars like alex and dudley, they get up so fast so you dont have much time to walk back before you pull out the EX. It really has to hit the back of their back foot if you see what i mean. Akuma its easy to do on but theres the obvious teleport. Necro and urien its not difficult on, but i personally choose tengu over yakou against these guys anyway…

But if you can time it well on alex and dudley (maybe after 2 chickens, walk back a bit then cr.fierce?) its very usable.

Edit: OH SHIT, Remember the characters who this works on are obviously the same as those who can be crossed up by 1 hit launch x RH chicken. So if you get the chance go for that i say.

Though having said that, if you do do corner rh chicken crossup into launch xx fierce yakou (taking dudley as example), when you do the break and start with 2 chickens again, you be moving closer to the corner again, but not at the right distance for another rh chicken crossup, so i guess here your next option really is cr.fierce reset xx yakou, if you want to continue the unblockable.


After rh chicken crossup in the corner followed by mp xx yakou, could you possibly do (for the break) jump x double jump -> rh break -> x uppercut xx fierce yakou…

Sure the yakou wont hit, so they can tech roll, but against guys like alex and dudley, does this even matter cos theyre so fat? Baring in mind theyre gonna be so close to the corner.

I dno i havnt tested it, just a thought…