Good uses for the air fireball?

Since you can only execute it jumping forward, normally, what are some good applications for this? Right now it only feels right as an air-to-air defense.

There are 3 kinds of air fireballs with different properties…the regular,the ex and the v trigger mode…so my advice for you is to study the properties of each(frame data etc)and come up with a plan that suits your playstyle!There are many ways to use them!For example when im in v trigger mode ill use it for pressure…if the fireballs connect i can do a combo…if not im safe and with frame advantage and now the game begins…i can go for a throw…i can bait it and crush counter my opponent…i can also set up a kara raging demon…i did that today once(after many fails but it felt goooood!!)…there are many ways to use that vary depending on how your opponent reacts!Hope i helped a little…MESSATSU 天

well, maybe this needs a thread of its own, but i found a “unblockable” setup with akuma, light gohado in the air in the corner, land and raging demon, i dont remember most of the details since i was trying stuff at 6am but you either hit him with a raging demon or they jump and eat the fireball, dont remember if you could follow up, but you oculd jump really close and do the 1f raging demon before the fireballs touch him, may be good close a round.

I mean sure, that could be an unblockable, but if they did jump and eat the fireball they probably reset in time to punish you.

Regular air fireball is just a jumpin to beat anti airs like non ex DP and jabs/normals. But you better guess right because he’s very minus if blocked.

Mix that jumpin up with regular jumpin. If they start to neutral jump a lot to stop the mixup it means you are abusing it to much.

His ex air fireball outside of corner combos seems shaky at best as a neutral tool. It has applications out of demonflip though.

Air fireballs in v trigger are just to get close to the opponent and are plus on block. Not the greatest use of v meter as that’s probably best used on DP finishers since his v trigger lasts so long.

I was a bit pissed when I found out that the “instant” air fireballs actually still get you hit by regular fireballs because you’re not high enough. I thought I had found some kind of use for those but no. I need to try against booms tho.

They are safe if you hit the feet tho but you can’t combo after it on hit anyways.

And the regular air fireballs are safe too if they hit in a certain way, they are kinda like divekicks. I find those more useful.

vtrigger ones are good for setups that I am sure will be discovered. There is already a few. Also good to get in since they are just +.

Getting in.

Wrecking shit.

true true

Cc sweep (far range) . Vtrigger. L. Demonflip- L. airfireball . L…demonflip palm. Now the fireballs will hit in front and you’re behind :slight_smile:
Don’t remember exactly what to do here, saw someone do it online.

Thats a 50/50 setup.After the lp air fireball forward jump not demon flip!

I just use it to pressure and because most people at my skill level (Super Bronze) always go for the anti-air when they see the jump in. A lot of times I’ll get the hit with the fireball and I can also get a follow up into full combo or full CA combo if I’m stocked. If they block you can always go for a throw, shimmy, frame trap… depends on the opponent and how/if you conditioned them at all.