Good video editing software?

I figured this would be the best place to put this. I am looking for a good video editing software. I currently use Camtasia video editor, its good but I need something more. I am thinking of making some tutorial vids, and any good software that could make it easier would help. Here are some examples:

Thats cool, how the guy put his motions st the top and how he wrote headings at the bottom

Another cool one, how they show the pics of the character and also the border around the vid

Cool vid, also the table of contents is what I would like to do and also how Thongboy put the buttons and stick at the top.

Any help is appreciated

You can really do that stuff with any editor. If you’re currently running windows XP, I’d suggest grabbing Avid Free DV. I edit using Avid Media Composer Adrenaline and Final Cut Pro all day, so I’m biased toward Avid products.

A lot of people here would suggest Premiere or Vegas, but they’re both pretty poor editors. shrug That, and they’re not free.

Thanks for the help, I’ll give it a go!

It’s been a while since I used it, and it may not be extremely feature-rich, but 99% of people with video editing software couldn’t explain the difference between a slip and a ripple, so I think lack of features doesn’t affect most people. :wink:

I use Adobe Premiere 6.5 and Photoshop, mostly.

I’m really not very smart, so I don’t know how to do a lot of the fancier editing tricks. Most effects I do by hand (frame-by-frame usually) in Photoshop and then import into Premiere. Adobe AfterEffects is very, very solid, but I couldn’t tell you because I open it and start crying from dumbness. Magnetro could probably hook you up with some info there.

Newer Premiere (CS2 or 3 should be the most current) has a lot of decent features, but it seems bloated and homogenized to me from the AfterEffects influences so I prefer old 6.5 still so I can do exactly what I want.

N - might help too.

Haha, that’s actually the reason I started to hate premiere less. =) I still don’t like it, but it seems less useless.

Different strokes, I guess. =)

I probably look for stuff in editors that most people don’t.

i prefer to use Final Cut HD, that’s if u have a mac i found it much better to use then premiere just personal preference

add some after effects into the mix, and some photoshop and u r good to go. What I found to help is look at any fancy vids and try to disect how the video was created then try to think what program was used

He’s not on a mac, though.

And yes, Final Cut is great. I use it at work every day. It’s too expensive for me to use it at home, though. That, and since I sit in front of an editor all day, I don’t really NEED a good one at home. I can just stick around at work and do things. I have a few hundred thousand dollars of equipment to make my life easier at work.

Thanks guys for all the help, I will give these softwares a go. One question for Thongboy:

How do you add stuff to your clip in Photoshop, I have the software but I never tried. Gotta give it a try, is it tedious?

You just import it in like video clips. Unless I’m completely misunderstanding your question, which happens allatime.


it’s just like photoshop layering plays a role when u r trying to work with more than one element when composing a vid