Good way to align/measure distance on PShop?

Say I want to make a layer with just labels for each buttons on an arcade stick. What’s a good way to measure distance so that I can be sure the label of each is the same distance from the button itself for all of them?

And any other tips to align each of them PERFECTLY (distance wise, centered, etc.) would be great.


create a template the same size as your panel then turn rulers on (ctrl+r) and grid (ctrl+’). Go into edit>prefrences>grid and make it split 1 inch into 16 bits then snap your labels etc to the grid in the right places.

Download layoutthing1
Theres a start. It has the joystick with the, and all of the buttons measurments including the nuts underneath and the shaft cover. You can get 300 DPI layouts from and line them up with them if you want.

Thanks a bunch, never knew about the grids.

Anyone other ways?