Good ways to find local competition?

What’s up guys. I’m an El Fuerte player from Los Angeles, and I really need to pursue some top notch local competition to step up my game. Online play doesn’t really cut it and my local comp consists of one dude :arazz:

I know LA has tons of great players, but what’re some good ways to find groups in my area?

Thanks :tup:

Regional match making forum

I’ll make it even easier: Regional Matchmaking

There ya go.

and school, remember to be vocal about it at school. I have an entire new group of friends that emerged from street fighter, and whenever we need to travel we go as a group. On top of that, local tournaments (very small local tournaments) have been popping up now

Thanks folks :slight_smile:

That’s definitely an excellent idea. I go to art school right now (chock full of gamer nerds), and I made tons of pals while stepping up my Melee game when I first got here a few years ago. I’m about to graduate this month, so not exactly the best time to make new friends, but still a great resource.