Good ways to get a stick cheaply?


Are there any good trading sites where people can get good, used sticks for a low price?
I wanted to get a good arcade stick for a long time but currency from my country is way weaker than US Dollar makes it harder to purchase. Are there any sites where would I get good sticks cheaply?
If not, it’s understandable, I just want to know this.


What are you playing fighting games on? I’m finding Xbox 360 sticks quite cheap at the moment and they run on PC without any middleware.

Likewise, PS3 sticks are pretty well supported on PS4.


Most of my fighting games are on Xbox 360. But the cheapest one I saw was for 80$ which in my case is a lot of money.


Unfortunately, I don’t think you will have much luck finding anything good for under $80. I recommend not buying a cheap stick. I think a good used stick would be better than a poorly made new stick.

You could check here on SRK


can make your own stick or make a sturdy container like a cigar box into an arcade stick, you would need tools and parts though.


Find the right guy, bend over, spread your cheeks and start thinking of football.


It kinda depends on where you live, here in italy there’s plenty of cheap fighting sticks for the xbox 360 on ebay despite the absence of a relevant FGC


…or gaming community in general.


@Jasiu I have a Qanba Q1 I wouldn’t mind selling you for cheap. I don’t use it. I can throw either a Sanwa JLF or a Seimitsu LS-56 lever in it and it will probably have mixed color buttons, but I’ll try to use a good color scheme. The Q1 is small but it can fit good arcade parts in it. Let me know if you’re interested. I have 3 other sticks, a Hori VLX with Korean lever, a JCC Panzer 3 Hitbox, a Madcatz TE2+ Hitbox, and a Hori RAP5 with Korean lever. 4 sticks and I have no need for the Qanba Q1. I don’t mind helping a fellow fgc member get going. Anyway I live in Cali USA so we can work out the details of price and shipping to wherever you are. I’ll keep it as cheap as possible though. PM me man. Later.