Good YouTube channels?


Are there any YouTube channels that put out actual created content for marvel on a regular basis? I had to unsubscribe from maximillians channel because the content went from being quality tutorials, etc… To max just yelling “let’s go!” again and again at the top of his lungs and making random noises as he plays a game. That shit got really annoying. Its like he started out all gung ho making tutorials and his own stories, then started to get lazy and did commentary over recorded matches which still had merit, but now its just screaming and grunting while playing a random game with maybe one interesting video every moth and a half or more.

I’m looking for some channels to subscribe to who either do various character tutorials, or like lianghubbbs channel with funny/cool montages and crazy comeback montage videos, or whatever else stuff besides just gameplay videos.

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Lythero’s probably my favourite YouTuber that does what you described. It’s not exactly ‘regular’ though.


Nice dude, this is right along the kind of stuff i was talking about.


I posted a big list for you last night and it got put under “awaiting moderator approval”. It seems like some sort of spambot protection that kicks in when you post a lot of links. I’ve ran into this before and my posts that trigger this never get approved despite not being spam so that’s making it difficult to post channels…


That sucks. Maybe PM me a few if you get a chance. Thanks for tryin dude.


There’s eyeofthundera, zaipipa, darchon25, cross counter tv.


For Nemo’s stomping ground, KBR is also plays with them.