Good Zangief Users



I am looking for some good Zangief players I can spar against, I really need to get this match-up down. Add me or post in this thread, gamertag in avatar.


I’m on GFWL.

Your not going to find any good players on this forum. Most of the players I played against are srubs.

Your better off finding Japanese players if your connection can live up to the standard.


seek vegita-x on these forums


Out of curiosity, which character do you play? You can add me up if you like.


dude, u know who the best gief in chi.
na, not me.
its BP AMACO, da masher!

but im donw to help u out. give some tips


what up man… i think he plays able if I could recall… I know we played a few nights ago so I know he needs help with that match up…

Say Isaiah I be online between 8pm-1am. hit me up and we can get some more games in. My friends list is full but I’ll make some time for you if you want…

IFC Zangief


I was also hoping if i can find any good Gief players who wants to spar with me? Hit me up cause the Gief I played so far were scrubs and I need some good gief players to train and learn the match up…hit me up!!!


Git at me Shin, im on those training boards anyways. But im not really active in there anymore, only here.


I think our mirror matches which I know don’t mean bs are more like 7-3 zangief4life - bp. Much better than the 0-10 back a month ago. Zangief4life still the best in the chi don’t let him trick ya.


I have a good gief :<


Thanks guys, I’ll be adding some of you.


I don’t mind sparring you can add me if you want.


I main gief and can play a few others I play on pad as well (don’t sleep) I will be sending Zangief4life, Isaiah, and ShinKimosa invertations to player matches later today on my homies X box


I’m down for a good spar if you’d like. You can add my gamertag. I play a pretty decent amount.


I have a fairly good 'Gief. He’s the only SF IV character I play. Would love to spar if you need somebody to help you with this match-up.


Kilivan is the best Zangief on XBL, along with Indelible MX at least in Europe, IMHO. Provided you’ve got a good connection, you should definitely check him out.


imx has a really good gief went 50/50 and i normally rape other giefs.
Anyway am the new uk gief :stuck_out_tongue: only been beating badly by sagat in tournments
I pick seth and gen(recetly just to learn how they play) also but spongecake(our name for gief)is my main


good zangiefs? points to japan on the globe cuz ya aint finding any in this country.


^ Such a Jap-Fanish thing to say.

None of us are Japanese so we aren’t even worthy of being called good even.



Hey guys i would like some help with my gief i just started to play him and i just need some advice on certain Bnb combos. ill be recording them if u want so sent me a xbl invt… tAnks!!!