Good Zangief Users



theres life outside japan

ohh my gamertag is hadoshrooms


i dont know about all that


I’m a pretty good ryu and sagat player and I’d like to face a good zangief since he’s one of my bad match ups. feel free to add me on psn


I second that…


KILLIVAN is the best gief i played,
ifc we have to play a mirror match set one of these days…


That’s cool, just send me a message so we can play sometime…


GGs last night man hit me up again sometime… Bring on Killivan…:slight_smile:


GGs IFC, i have to learn the combos so i can be more dangerous…
you got me this time…well play another time… and send me some good and strong players so i can get better…


look up bpamoco


I am back on XBL if you want to play some casual matches or first to 5/10.

GT: Kilivan (I am french so the connexion may be bad with US players)

PS: My frend list is full so send me a msg I’ll add you.


Dame…I hope its not to laggy…3-bar is ok but I have to see…2-bar is a big no no… but I send u an invite sometime tonight or tomorrow.


I admit I still have some things to learn, but I can probably give you a good enough run. My biggest problem is Guile, though. I still can’t figure out a consistent way to get in. If anyone wants to spar, you can send me a friend request, but please also send me a message that you’re from here.


I’m still at a loss as to why everyone for the longest time said Guile sucks, simply because his super and ultra are virtually useless…shrug.

  • :bluu:


shit the only Guile I play is Dagger G, and I have to make him mess up before I win lol. He even started to develop ways to get out of the wake up game which really pisses me off haha.


I’m new to these forums although I play on xbox live quite a bit. I main gief and I think I’m pretty decent with him or I try my best to be.


I’ll take anyone on with my Gief in GFWL.


Add me if you want to play a good geif I suck at mirror matches but i need practice against cammys, seths and blankas. Good ones*. Mirror matches too i guess since i suck at em.

XBL: KurtLosAngeles


Ah I played you today Kurt in a Gief mirror. I wouldn’t say you’re bad at that matchup. Or if you are, then I’m equally bad haha. GG.


^ya maybe i was been on since 11am… so i probably did . Ya i’m down to play you whenever’s online hit me up.


I main Rose, and hate this matchup. I’ll be on tonight and probably tomorrow. Anyone up for sparring, send me an invite or an add.