Good zoning team/characters?

I’m going to download this game later today, and I want to get some ideas as to characters with good zoning, as it’s my preferred fighting game style. I know it’s a stretch to compare between games, but my main in Blazblue is Arakune (see avatar), just to give you an idea as to the type of characters I play, good mobility and good zoning.

Ideas, please? I don’t care about tiers (I picked Arakune before I knew he was top).

Reminds me of Rogue for some reason…

This game is all about zoning and screen control. I would say Storm and Doom are some of the best for raw screen presence. Really, just look at the god/top tiers, for good zoning characters.


I would recommend both Storm and Sentinel (with the proper assists), but if you’re just learning, then you can zone very well with Sentinel. Just…learn to fly. I’m seeing most Sentinel users online not flying and they’re terrible.

Word, I forgot Spiral. Shes actually probably the most like Arakune. Kinda hard to play as though.

What ARE the proper assists?

Sent would be ground assist, storm with variety. Acctually them plus any of the following would trap well.

Blackheart - Anti Air
Doom - Anti Air
Cable - Anti Air (Great for zoning on point with sent/storm assists)
Spiral - projectile, as mentioned. Great teamed with Blackheart. More of a trap team though, but in marvel trapping is about as good as you can do to zone.

Some old zoning teams are:
Spiral swords backed by Sentinel Drones.
Sentinel hp/rp/drones backed by Blackheart.
Megaman hp hp rockball backed by Blackheart.
Strider backed by Doom.
Cable with almost any assist such as Cyclops, Commando, Psylocke, Tron, etc.

So would Spiral-Projectile/Sentinel-Ground/Blackheart-AA be a good team?

yea, i think it’s a good trap team…i just recently picked up Blackheart like in june and i love it. he has so much stuff that can be used for zoning and i think that he’s a really good zoning character. i dropped captain commando for him with my sent/cable or storm/sent team because his assist comes out where ever your opponent is, plus i got sick of getting cap snapped in an raped be magnetos lol…at least with him i feel like i can at least stand up to fast characters if my point gets snapped out. i even use as point ever once in a while…here’s his tutorial if you wanna know more. has some really good info

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