Goodbye El Fuerte



Goodbye El Fuerte,

You piece of shit character. I’m glad that you provided me the means to ruin this game the best I could, but unfortunately, you have lost your magic. No longer do people understand the stupidity of their wrongs, and the genius of your moves. You’ve provided me the means to punish jumping in this god forsaken game, and I thank you for that. You just don’t put that fear into people anymore, and more characters only means more things to think about.

It’s time to throw the towel in, you are a shit character with a scrubby as hell new ultra, and they nerfed the shit out of you. In your new self you have only spawned more wake-up ultra scrubs and back dashing assholes.

You will never be the same, and without me, you’ll never see Top 8 in the USA again.

Maybe when we meet again, you will strike fear in the hearts of those that see you, but know it was not I who betrayed you, but the stupidity of the game.

I will carry your shittyness with me to the next shitty character though.


El Fuerte


"If Kai can do it, I can do it!"®

P.S. Kai is free in handball!


I lol’d next topic.


lol, you obviously havent played a smart fuerte who will outplay you. but thanks for the hate, we love it here :wink:


You are so stupid sometimes.


Who are you going to use next? Hakan? Dan? Probably some arcade character since you have an arcade. Oh well :frowning:


I don’t get it. What tournament or event that Kai was in did I miss?


With reading this post, I gotta say this, “Looks like we have more work on our hands.”


smarter den you though buddy :wink:


How can you refuse to bow to a superior being?


I thought being a human being was more superior than a troll. go back under your bridge champ =)


i hope we all realize our mistakes eventually


I just went to this thread after reading the title, and is this really Kai??? If so, I applaud your Fuerte.
Anyways, on topic, all I’ve really known about Fuerte is that he’s damn hard to use. Is he actually this bad? The only Fuerte I’ve really ever faced was stevercakes, so I really have no clue. Also, I hope you stick with Fuerte.
Edit: @spabrog. Look up Kai on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:


lol btw, i knew it was kai. just felt like being a dick =P


Is this actually Kai? After looking at his profile, it seems to be him… I just don’t understand why he’d come out and say this all of a sudden.

I mean, Kai hates SF4, so it wouldn’t matter if he loses with Elf. He just plays to piss other people off, right?

Also, Kai played really well in the salty suite, so I’m not sure why he’s all of a sudden decided that Elf is shit. Elf seems to be better in Super than he was in Vanilla…


Don’t try to rationalize hate.


Kai has always known El Fuerte was shit, I know he’s shit, any competent player knows he is shit.


If Elf was shit, Kai wouldn’t have beaten Eita with him.

You’re a much better Elf player than me, Paper, but I can’t agree with you here. Elf has all the tools necessary to win. He’s not the best character in the game; but he’s not Dan.

For me, that doesn’t make him shit.


El Fuerte 4 Life!


Kai switching to dudley?