Goodbye Everyone

Well, my chapter here is at a close. I know I didn’t show up to every function. I know I stopped posting regularly. I know that I jus’ wasn’t as active in this scene as I was. I’s sorry. Really.

Anyway, you guy’s stay up. Keep at it. Keep fightin’ and GG’s to all. I’ll holla if I do come back. Feel free to keep up via myspace or somethin’. I’m moving to the E.Coast so I’ll be lurkin’ those forums.

Biggest h8r in the NW,

Wow. Something BIG must have presented itself to you if you’re making a cross country move! I wish you well!

Welcome to th East side man!

Check some of us out on the CT thread. Happy trails!

what part of the EC?

Yah, lack of work. HA! Man, I totally wanted to get down on some KOF98 too!

Wordword. I’ll be in CT for a fair amount of time this week. Where do you guys play?

I’mma be in NYC/CT for at least a week. Then I’m moving to NOVA. I think I’ll be staying in Herndon/Reston VA.

^thats whats up. Welcome to the EC son! :woot:

Word up, I’ll be out there tomorrow.

It’s definitely a shame you’ll be leaving us Zero. You were hella cool to just kick it with and I appreciate it. It was dope hanging out with you man and I’ll keep in touch through Myspace.

Yo man, we are having a big Gaming BBQ in August. You should post in the CT Thread to stay up on whats happening. It would be cool for you to come through to the BBQ to get aquainted with a fair amount of the fighters in the area.

Yah man ;[ Thanks though. You’re a dope guy, Mandel. May things only keep getting better for you.

Sounds dope. I’ll pop into the CT thread sometime soon!

That is quite the move. Good luck over there. Stay black, always.

lol movin next door nice

Check out the c3 tournaments/lockins, also a bunch of us play marvel alot but pretty casually, and its gonna be hot as fuck when you get here lol. WELCOME!

West coast is the best coast. You’ll miss us.

Ha! Yo, you too. Pablo = the real-est.

Word, I miss the heat and the sun ,but not the humidity. 101. How about 3s and GGXX? I’m down with Casual MVC. S’really popular out here so people generally play for keeps, ha.

…but the east coast is the beast coast? Uh. 101, I’m sure I’ll be through eventually.

Theres both(very competitive scenes for both), 3s talk to ramza aka eric kim, ggxx talk to mr. mamation aka jeremy, we have like 800 threads in the Atlantic North matchmaking forum that dont really line up with their purpose we just basically have a bunch of gd threads lol, but post in any of the MD/VA ____ threads about gaming(I guess the 3s thread is the “main” one) and people will let you know whats good.

Humidity is a bitch

It was cool having you around while you were here. Enjoy the East Coast. :tup:


Show them how we do it in the NW my nigga.


Have fun on the east coast, man.

Wow. Good luck on the east coast, Zero. I feel almost like I owe something to you, since I wouldn’t be pasrt of the scene like this if it wasn’t for you donating that first dreamcast to me, allowing me to get hooked on marvel. Come to think of it, damn you for giving me the biggest cause of procrastination in my life! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

jk. Hope things go well for you out there, bro :slight_smile:

i miss the east coast.



0: you have to eat at a bojangles and a waffle house if you can find them.

good luck dood.