Goodies for sale: JERSEY PICK UP ONLY

Whats good jersey heads.

I have a few things up for grabs for meet up only.

2 Custom Arcade Sticks (Made By SpiffyShoes)
and Marvel vs Capcom 2 for xbox

I will have pictures up soon for the sticks. Great condition, barely touched in a long time and I figure I need to clean out some shelf space.

One is dual shock, the other is regular. Both comp sticks and buttons. Looking for offers on both. (Will cut a deal if you buy both or even all 3 items). Not looking for a ridiculous amount. Meet up at a mall or 8 on break would be ideal.

Send some PMs my way or get at me on AIM.


been mad busy lately. Sorry for the late pictures.

Whoa those buttons are spread.


In other words, they are too far apart.