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I can’t say what it is yet, but it has to do with both me and comics, so I figured I’d give notice here.


4/3 is here!!!

4/3 isn’t over yet. Patience.

But… but…

i want my present!

Just so you all know, I’m planning on shooting for 7PM. Try not to die from the HYPE before then.

crosses fingers Please don’t be penis, please don’t be penis

I swear Goody… if this is a “surprise” like the one’s on Ricky Lake… :rofl::rofl:

7pm Est?


Ladies and gentlemen (well, mostly gentlemen): presenting my new blog.

Please be courteous by holding your applause until the end.


Also, here is the official discussion thread.


Nice man, congrats! :tup:

Wow, man, you an English major or something? “Cantankerous,” “geriatric,” “populist,” “aegis”… What do those words even mean?!

I didn’t understand most of your first entry, but I’ll keep on reading it in the hopes that it will make me smarter or improve my vocabulary. I guess that was worth the buildup of hype. The only problem I can think of is that now everything else you write, whether it’s on your blog or a post on SRK, will all live in the shadow of “Action Mystery Adventure.”

They mean that if I don’t send my readers running to their dictionaries at least once per entry, I haven’t done my job.

It’s not over yet. Not to give away too much, but Action - Mystery - Adventure has a ways to go before it ends. This entry is just a fraction of it.

i like your logo with the monkey holding a skull. it’s cute.

ugh, maus

Cantankerous (adj.) - causing or able to cause sores inside of the mouth
Geriatric (adj.) - related to thermal currents rising up from the Earth, usually along cliff-faces
Populist (n.) - someone who has produced many offspring in a given area
Aegis (n.) - latin word for “mirror” (like Urien’s super art)

Great blog goodmourning.

I’ve got both Maus and Ex-Machina and they’re both on my favorites list (along with Fables, Y the Last Man and Criminal). Do you have any other recommendations?

I make no promises, but I will try to make two recommendations per entry, at least for the rest of the installments of Action - Mystery - Adventure. I will also try to make sure that the recommendations tie into the content of the entry somehow. In the case of the current one, Ex Machina and Maus were the obvious choices, since I talked about them specifically. Without giving too much away, the recommendations I’ll be making next time are both name-checked in the entry itself, so again, obvious choices.

As for what I’ll do after Action - Mystery - Adventure wraps up, I don’t have an exact plan, but I will be writing some reviews of comics and comic-related movies. Depending on how positive or negative the review is, it could be viewed as a recommendation or a warning.

The next entry will probably go up Sunday or Monday, by the way. This is by no means a definite schedule, but I’m going to shoot for a new post once every week or so, either late Sunday night or first thing Monday. (And for me, first thing Monday could mean anytime from early morning to noon.)