GoodTimes Boston 6/25, "Commyless Invitational"


Round-Robin format:

1st. Danny “SBCDyN” a.k.a. “luckymotherfuckingironman” a.k.a. “my magneto is useless, but I’ll come back with storm/sent” Ng (MSS-a, Combofiend, IM/Cable/Doom) 4-1

2nd. pDizzle a.k.a. “Cammy AAA still works against every Boston player” (Sent/Storm/Cammy, Mag/Cable/Cammy, Sent/Cable/Cammy, Storm/Cable/Sent-g) 4-1

3rd. Jimmy “Nexx” a.k.a. “My Blackheart makes baby Jesus cry” a.k.a. “I don’t fucking care that this team is 4 years old, I’ll still own you” Fong (BH/Cable/Cyke) 3-2

3rd. Tim “Faster Magneto than Danny, but still owned by storm/sent” Tom (MSP, Mag/Cable/Cyke) 3-2

4th. Andrew “These sticks fucking suck, I’m going to play on the shittier machine” Tong (MSS-a) 2-3

5th. Delvis “DELVIS” Delvis (Storm/Cable/CapCom) 0-3


-Finals were pretty damn good (best of 7). Danny takes the first game, pDizzle switches to SSCammy and beats Danny 3 straight. Danny gives in and picks team Combofiend and proceeds to win 3 straight bullshit games with random Ironman while his magneto does NOTHING.

-Nestor, Caddles, Pryde are no-shows. Basically the best in Boston weren’t actually IN the tournament.

-Roberto shows up, plays one game, then dissapears never to return again.

-That machine is SO broken on the left side. Not much I can do about that, sorry guys.

-No moneymatches because pDizzle and Delvis had to leave to catch the train after the tournament. Maybe next tournament.

-Good shit everyone, hope to see you guys in two weeks, when I’m planning to hold the next Commyless tournament.