Google + New Events feature idea



I see that SRK has an official Google+ page, or least i hope it is, so i think it would be a great idea if you guys create an event for Evo2012 and send the invite to everyone that is following the SRK page on Google+.

In case you guys don’t know about the new features added to the Events tab on Google + here is a paragraph from PC MAG describing the feature that i think would make this a great thing to do
"[LEFT]The main difference between Google+ Events and services like Evite is that the party doesn’t stop on Google+ Events when the invitations go out. Gundotra highlighted a “groundbreaking” feature in the new social planner called “Party Mode.” When you turn on Party Mode, all new photos taken by attendees who are on Google+ get added to the event’s landing page in real time as a streaming feed that can also be viewed as a slideshow. After the tables are cleared and the lights are turned out, Google+ Events organizes those photos chronologically.[/LEFT]

It would be great to see a ton of pictures from those of us that would attend the Evo and participate in the Google+ Event.

Here is the link to the full article just in case you guys need more info


Wow, I see that the event was created, thanks guys!!!
Just a quick note: The event needs to be edited to reflect and end time of Monday July 9th perhaps 1:00am to ensure full coverage of the event . If left as it is then party mode will only run from 10:00 to 11:00pm on Thursday July 5th.

Again thanks a million for listening, little things like this is what makes this the best gaming community ever!!! all that is left is spread the word and lets have a fantastic event!!!