Googlesheet - Every normal to every special interaction (Exhaustive list)

Hi everyone,

I made a list of all the connections between Juri’s normal and her specials. Yes. All specials. That means all version of release.K whether during FSE or not.
CA is excluded as of now because I need to check this more in depth.
I also check every interaction for multi hit moves: b.HK and MK.

This should answer questions like: what can I connect after MP counter hit?! Can I use anything else than Ryodansatsu.LK?

Couple of notes to read this sheet (which should be mainly self-explanatory): means you already have stored the appropriate Fuharen with 236+K

On hit / on block issue:
For block string/frame trap interactions I had the option of making two different tables (one table for “on hit”, the second for “on block”) but I decided to gather all the infos on just one table.
This might seem daunting but here’s how it works.

The colored boxes tell you about the “on hit” situation.

The letters tell you more about the “on block” situation.

Block string, frame traps, plain loses to 3f lights, possible combo if frame trap…

Basically you’re looking for GREEN boxes!
Don’t even try red boxes and purple boxes.
Blue boxes you could try but I highly doubt it’ll lead to something good for your Juri ; ).

Now that you know how the legend works, you can also look for specific frame traps, or block strings of specific normals, … And all that either off of a special move, or off of a normal… : ).

Edit: the FT(x) reference table tells you what your advantage is if you land a counter hit!
If they just let go of their guard but you don’t land a counter hit (like holding up if they expect a throw for instance), your advantage is the one written -2.

Edit2: just finished adding the target combo (MP xx 4HP / 6HP) and the CA into the mix

Wow, great stuff! :tup:

Cheers mate :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

I finished with the target combo column too.

I will make a similar table with juggles but there are so much that I will need more days.

This is the stuff you try to keep in your head, but are too lazy to write down. Grateful for your time and dedication, this will help lots man. Thanks alot!

: ). You’re welcome. Hopefully I can make other guides. Working on a full air juggling index for Juri.

Updated the guide with counter hits properties as if you land a counter hit with a normal, your advantage is greater than usual, so some specials can connect when they would normally not.

That means Juri has some good fishing options optimization-wise for the neutral game:
Mainly with c.MP.
Option Select HK xx release.MK during FSE could be worth it too because it reaches freaking far and it opens up to easily confirm-able high damage combo after release.MK (+6).

I don’t recommend MK 1st hit. (Range issues, pretty weak. Only cancellable on 1st hit. Dangerous because of second hit. c.MP reaches farther, has a startup 1f shorter and deals more damage than 1st hit MK anyway).