Goonie Squad Money Match Thread

The Official Goonie Squad* Money Match Thread"

Take your Shots at Us we Ready.
We All Ballin Like 5 Star Camps:wow:

Chunksta - (FernBoyFT5$50)
Woomighty - (FanatiqFT5$30) (TinhFT5$25)
neeZZZZy - (EderFT10$100) (TinhFT7$25)
CableGuy - (InfiniteFT10$100) (DeusFT10$200) (SmoothViperFT10$100) (GarretFT5$25) (RemixFT10$100)
KillaKelly - (EderFT5$25) (FinesseFT5$25) (VercetteFT5$25) (TinhFT5$25) (FanatiqFT5$25) (GuywonstaFT5$25) (IllanFT10$50)
Hydro - (VercetteFT5$25) (FanatiqFT5$50) (TinhFT5$25) (MMDSFT4$25)
SeeJay - (FinesseFT5$50) (TinhFT5$25)
Crizzle - (RemixFt10$100) (FinesseFT10$100) (IllanFT5$25) (TinhFT5$25) (EderFT10$100) (Magneto_XFT5$50)

Thats just a Few of us From the Dino/Plant Lab thats not even the Whole Rasta:wow:
Evo West/World it dont matter
Majority of the Money Matches are $25 & Up we like to keep it like that but, Dollar matches 5’s/10’s/20’s are still welcomed:tup:

*= Not confirmed yet but still in the Air
:cool:Will update Money Matches when I get a confirm:wow:

Put me down for

FT5 Neezy 25$
FT5 Crizzle 25$ <since crizzle always want one with me, this is for you =]
FT5 CJ Rematch his MSP vs my Santhrax for 25$ if he does come.

I would call out someone, but he cant post in a Thread without a random Arguments with someone:lame:

First to 5 $50 if his game is as big as his Mouth:chat:

you already know! good shti hyro!!!

i’ma bounce 20 on neeezy over tinh, and 20 on crizzle over finesse.

if anyone wanna gouba that or raise it, let me or chucky know.

hyro, go ahead and call out whoever dawg. just straight up, i’m sayin’ it now, whoever hyro is calling out, plz don’t fucking argue in our fucking thread. take that shit to PM’s. kthxp’zzzzzzzzz!

i don’t think i’ma make it to evo west my goonz, so i’ma half to shoot down some gouda with chucky to back up my bets. peaceeeeeeeee!

word I’ll take that! and i want a first to 5 $25 against cable guy, lets try to make this like 4 years runnin evo money matches playa! :cool:

i’ll take first to 5 $20 against others from the lab as well! stay up see you at EVO!


oh damn didnt kno we had this theadd ahhh. I will not play G$$ since hes WAYYY too good =/



i heard he wrote the song C.R.E.A.M!

If WOOMIGHTY is on team GOONIE SQUAD…You’ve already lost =)

man, i’m just happy this thread was blessed by G FUCKING MONAAAAAAY~~~~!!!

nobody can smash in a pt cruiser like he does. NOBODY!!!

oh i wanna c this go dowwwn!!

<3 randy lew

LMAO got the Rachel Ray avatar? GOOD SHIT!

Anyway, Id like to also play Cableguy ft10 for $100 ( Can’t let Erik have all the fun )

Updated but ill call Cableguy today to confirm:cool:

I never said I’d do ft5 for $100 against Tinh, I’ll do $20.

Sorry LOL that was a Typo and it will be $25 Ill spot you the $5 then:tup:


Nelson the Bounty Hunter! yup yup, i love that beezie, mayng!!! she’s too hot. =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Hyro, any comfirmation on cablegizzy vs Nelson THE BOUNTY HUNTER? btw, erik smoothviper vs cableguy is comfirmed fo’sho. so get rid of that nasty star next to the anme, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawg! lol

oih yeah, don’t foret SEE JAY vs fanatiq ft5 for like $50!

I’ll bounce 20 on finesse, no dis respect to Crizzle because the boy got more game then a lil bit.

I got 20 on fanatiq over hydro.

fosho dawg, it’s all love n’ marvel, neeyif! =] ya boy finesse got some dummyjuice mayng, so it’s not like it’s free gouda for me. =]

anybody else wanna bounce?!


i’ll bounce a bill on finesse over crizzle cuz that nigga has his game on lockdown, and 20 on fanatiq over hydro

i’ll also bounce 20 on fanatiq over woo and 50 on smoothviper over cableguy

please post sidebets on the first post if possible, cuz i might put more down later…

Ok will post side bets

hydro our is ft5 for 25 not ft4 =] please fix thanks