Gootecks throwing his joystick?

I heard many people say Gootecks threw his joystick, anyone know why? :confused:

I too would throw my joystick if I kept reading false EVO chat rumours about me throwing my joystick.

(1) WTF cares.
(2) I was there, he did not throw it. [/thread]

Don’t forget the crying part.

Next time you’re watching a stream, just shut down the chat room. It was full of trolls hating on gootecks and justin and being as racist as possible. People are very brave when hiding behind a computer screen.

stupid rumor 100% fueled by haters. The joke got old quick too. Just like waasaaaaaaaaaap, but less funny and more annoying.


does is really bother you people if some people talk garbage about some guy throwing a stick? even if he didnt do it?

…grow up children…its the internet…expect things like what happened in the chat room

ive thrown my stick, its only $150 to replace it…not like i give a shit if it breaks

There was a lot of trolling in the chat and hate on Gooteks, J. Wong, various games, and etc… The chat was unfortunately abused by trolls that ruined a good idea. Thankfully, you could turn the chat off.

During a Ricky Ortiz match
"FoFoTeckz: Ricky Ortiz’ hair once parried Bootecks’ fierce arcade stick throw"

During the SF4 Grand Finals
"FoFoTeckz: I wish Gootecks was a character. daigo would [Cry, FADC > Metsu Stick Throw]"

That’s what I remember the most from the chat.

You’re absolutely right, but no one said they were bothered.

I was kind of overwhelmed at the trolling in that chat window. Maybe I should have seen it coming but it caught me off-guard. I was so glad you could turn it off.

There was a marked difference in the livestream chat between the one at evo2k/live and the one at UstreamTV. The former had the mostly immature trolls while the latter actually talked about the matches.

“you people” huh? fucking racists, swear to god.

Imo, it was like a mosh pit filled with trolls.

Some bullshit rumor made up by trolls in the chat room.

Hey guys,


I just want to get the record straight. Gootecks is a great competitor! He adjusted my game quickly and beat me swiftly. idk y people dislike or even hate mr. tecks. Hes a swell guy and i enjoy what he does and what he provides for the community.

Everyone gets frustrated and wants to slam something. I was comtemplating throwing my pad during the match after the millionth headbutt into ultra, but i kept cool for the camera. After i got back to my room thats when i really let my controller have it. It sorta looked like the dreamcast during the mvc2 finals, when i was done.

But everyone leave gootecks alone. hes inspired me to get better and I was really really impressed with his 5v5 match vs floe. Like gootecks asked," WHO SUCKS?!?!". The answer is definitely not him!!

Oh wait, I won’t grow up (/sarcasm) because I expect better from people who spam all day long, while most of us want positive feedback and information about the insightful match/event.

Gootecks jokes, hateful and racist comment for the lose. but I guess those things are okay with you because it’s the internet.

Mad respect Pad Long! Chicken wing for the win!