Gootecks's Bar Fights


did anyone record Bar fights when they were streaming it live?


From Gaf

A video I jacked from SRK of Kai vs. Gootecks yesterday (props to Hiddenleavz):


Edit…some more (courtesy of risingtied on SRK):

(Ed Ma vs. Combofiend pt. 1)

(Ed Ma vs. Combofiend pt. 2)

(Dae & Bustabust vs. Keno and partner part 1)

(Dae & Bustabust vs. Keno and partner part 2)

(Rose Ball)

(Turn Out)


Did anyone record Sanchez vs. Bebop?



bobino vs sextaro anyone?


Sweet, thanks. I’m gonna watch these when I get home.


that magic hands taunt was priceless.


awesome bro, +rep!


nice thank you man finally some vidzs!!!



Can’t wait for the DVD.


Why does it say Edma vs combofiend is the main event when it is clearly Rose Ball.


yeah man i’m down with that!


Rose ball! Awesome!

Great matches, great idea.

I wonder if “Bar Fights” would fly on the east coast. Maybe it’s happening already. Time to check the regional threads.


32" is a small TV for that, but the idea is very good.


I am the Rose Ball champion.

The end when I used the EX and then Bobino used it was delicious, hahaha.

P.S. It was me and Bobino playing, just an FYI. I was on the left.


Gratz Shglmbx!

I love it when it gets really fast. Even in the YouTube clip you can feel the crowd holding their breath to see who get whacked!


there were a bunch of tv’s showing the matches in every room


Thank you to everyone who recorded, uploaded, or posted video of this. :smile:


Anybody get close to “beating a pro?”

Anyways, great stuff.


Rose Ball is freaking awesome!! Did people do this in Alpha?