Gordie Howe, NHL hall of famer, dead at 88


DAMMIT 2016.



He lived beyond 85. Sad to see him go, but not unexpected.

Later, Mr. Elbows.


Yo I heard that nigga was bilingual


my gf met him once.

this thread illustrates how many nhl fans (white ppl) are on srk.


haha This is basically the “no black person will click on this thread” thread. We can say anything we want without reprisal!




Fuck 2016!

Nick Rocks can kick rocks :mad:


Yeah even I know who this is. Still have some of my 90’s era hockey cards. Remember signature rookies? I think I had a James Carry(sp?) autograph. I remember he was a up and coming goalie. Then Patrick Roy, etc etc.


Abort! Abort!!

Jim Carey (one R off of the actor). Flash in the pan. Won a Vezina and disappeared into nothingness.


Gordie Who

I like hockey but if its before gretzky and lemieux idgaf tbh


Damn, another legend gone. He inspired me, a Black kid to pick up a stick and lace up a pair of skates.

R.I.P. Gordie Howe

FUCK 2016


I hope everyone who curses 2016 has a shitty year


It became a shitty year when Bowie died. This statement means nothing.


I’m laughing over here so hard good thread


(For context.)


RIP Mr. Hockey. Such a long and successful career. I never saw him play live, much too young, but the footage speaks volumes.