Gosu SSF4 Challenge #1 - Fairfax, VA - 6/26 ($100 bonus for 1st place!)

Hey everyone, thank you for coming! I’m pleased to announce that 28 people participated in this tournament. It was a great tourney with a great finish. For now, look forward to next month. I’ll be posting up details once everything gets settled.

Here are the results:

Super Street Fighter IV
32-man bracket

1 Ric Collins (Saqs): $184.00
2 Jensel Diaz (Magneto Maniac): $42.00
3 Khoa Lam (Kennuty): $14.00
4 Jaguar Nguyen
5 Pat VanPelt
5 Ek
7 Will Martinez
7 Hokage60

This tournament was brought to you by itsgosu.com and cyberground.us

Aww man… cant even see where i placed. Bummer. But Great Tourny Guys!

Good shit to Saqs for playing better today.

This was my first tournament (I was the scrubby Chun in the Nike shirt) and it was a positive experience so thanks to everybody and ggs to the people I played. Also, I owe casuals to Scotty.

You placed… 9th along with 3 other people.

I can accept that. lol. thx

Shout outs to everyone that showed.
Shout outs to the tournament organizers for keeping things moving and getting through the brackets quickly.
Shout outs to a nice final with some good abel/viper and rose play.

Really enjoyable experience.

damn, i woulda won… wait i was there. fuck…

repeat after me mags




gs to all. had fun. i even wanted to play left 4 dead 2. this place is a nice central location venue-wise for nova. i will support this as much as i can in the future.

this was ran really smoothly and efficiently as well. more smoothly than anything in the past years in NOVA and this was their first tourney. i like it. :tup:


good shit to all the players who made it out. a lot of people i’ve never seen before. hopefully you guys will show up more often. sometimes it feels like the local VA scene is dead. if i don’t know who you are or didn’t get a chance to meet you, add me on PSN or Xbox Live so we can play some games.

thanks to cyberground and the gosu team for hosting the event. i hope we can have more events at this place in the future.

This was a well run tournament and and great attitudes. met some really cool players and one of the nicest finals that went down. looking forward to the more tourneys to come. NEXT MONTH JAG NEXT MONTH!
Thanks to gosu also for hosting,

lmao i thought your name was QUAL LAM cuz that’s what it sounded like when you told me your name.

Hold on… Saqs went down to VA, and beat MagMan in finals?

MD/DE all day!

Extra salt in the wounds man lol.

You forgot:

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

1st: Strogg

im still amazed at the $40 bets on this game… why?!

shout outs to seb

YO i wish i could see where i placed (not very high lol) but i still wanna see, i signed up as jacob i used vega.

oh and where any of these matches recorded? if not thats okay

i think some were streamed. but recorded i doubt

Jacob, you placed 9th. The Grand Finals and a couple of other matches were recorded and some interviews were made. I’ll post the videos once they get posted up somewhere. The first few matches were streamed but the laptop simply couldn’t keep up and the stream started lagging. Props to Kennuty for the streaming setup. Next time, we’ll definitely try to get that streaming working, get more setups and overall create an even better experience for everyone.

Yep, I lost. It went down to the wire, though. I believe I was down 0-2 in both grand finals sets and was bringing it back 2-2, 2-2, but ended up losing anyway.

I’ll take it. I lost in a game WE (as a whole) don’t play enough. What can ya do, only come back and play better next time.