Gosu SSF4 Challenge #2 - Fairfax, VA - 7/17 (Results)

First, I would like to thank everyone for making it out. We had a total of 37 people enter SSF4 and 13 people for Puzzle Fighter. Sadly, BBCS turned into casuals only. Next month’s event is looking to be on August 21. Keep an eye out for that. We actually got interviews this time around, and Loser’s Finals and Grand Finals will be posted as soon as they get uploaded.

GOSU SSF4 Tournament #2 - SSF4
64-man bracket

1 Lud
2 Eric Kim
3 Jensel Diaz
4 Ivann Parker
5 Blake Zucker
7 Sayco
7 Khoa Lam
9 Abhiraj Dinh
9 Jon Wilson
9 Steven Morris
9 Orlando Diaz

Super Puzzle Fighter 2: Turbo
16-man bracket

1 Khang
2 Matthew Gummo
3 Jeremy Miller
4 Hieu Tran
5 Derek Tillery
5 Seth Philips
7 Kevin Berg
7 Scotty Barnes

This was really enjoyable, good times, in terms of organization this was even better than the first one, so I’m excited for next month’s. Thanks to everybody running and playing in the tournament, lots of cool people.

Also, it’s *Abhiraj, not Abbira, too many letters in my name man.

Definitely. Tryna take home some greenbacks next time. Lol. Looking forward to the Ranbat on tuesday, and the next Gosu showdown.

Nicely ran tourny. I ate a huge bag of salt today… really got to get down my links so I don’t have to deal with these constant DP/headbutt/random reversals :looney:

Had a fun time. Sorry that my friends and I arrived like 5 min late to cause the brackets to be remade. There was traffic everywhere from SoVa to Fairfax.

Good games to everyone in Puzzle Fighter. Khang, that was some serious epic finals.

Im winning Puzzle fighter next time.

Props to everyone that showed up and for things being run smoothly.

Glad to see the extra setups. They really helped with keeping things moving.


64 man bracket is pretty sick for just the second tourney at this venue. sorry i couldnt make it. random sleep schedule plus no ride up there is ftl. something kicked in today. i feel like playing games again. ill try to be there next time.

I like Kes over that whole list of players in Puzzle Fighter.

Good stuff everyone. I was starting to think no one played in nova anymore. Hope to see everyone in 2 weeks for Civil War in Richmond.

the irony of this post made my mind explode

started uploading matches to:
YouTube - sethptube’s Channel
doing the vids in order of how I took them (ie. finals last)
It’s 20+ matches and a couple might be more than one vid, so it might take more than tonight


Yeah I take that back, they actually weren’t random. Fact is if people play like that eventually it’s going to catch up to them, but whatever, do what gets you the cash.

Yeah I hear you man. you gotta take it in stride lol

If they didn’t take first place i would say it already has.

maybe he was talking about lud

Thanks for another fun, and well-run tournament, team gosu.

I’m coming back more fierce next one. Gotta polish up on some fatal errors I’ve made. Had to wait a while before I could type a less-salty post, haha.

alright everyone. pictures, final matches, and interviews are uploaded to www.itsgosu.com. thanks to everyone that showed up.

Thanks to everyone for allowing Gummowned, Tilter, and me to enter the tourney. A lot of other people would not have done that, especially since some of the 1st round was already complete. Good games to everyone played.

Also, GGs in BB casuals. Thanks for the CS rundown, Komag.

Jag: I’ll talk to some SOVA heads to see if they want to do that 5v5. What date do you have in mind for it?

God I need to get back to weekend tourneys.