Gosu SSF4 Challenge #3.1 - Fairfax, VA - 08/28 - Results

A big thanks to everyone that showed up. GG and BB casuals were really fun. Hope everyone enjoyed their Tippy’s!
Next tournament date: http://shoryuken.com/f7/gosu-ssf4-challenge-3-2-fairfax-va-09-18-a-248869/

Super Street Fighter IV
1st: Eric Kim - $120
2nd: Khoa Lam - $60
3rd: Will Martinez - $20
4th: Jaguar Nguyen
5th: Eugene Yang
5th: Jonathan Van Norman
7th: Scott Barnes
7th: Miguel Justiniano

thanks to those that show up for the tournament. sorry that it was on the same day as kyle’s event in herndon. kyle and i are working together so that we don’t host our events on the same day.

Point distribution and breakdown have been uploaded.
It’s Gosu