Gosu SSF4 Challenge - Fairfax, VA - 6/26 ($100 bonus for 1st place!)

I am better at pad but I do have ONE extra TE stick i can lend out, i’ll be sure to be there with it to lend it out. I like cybergrounds and kim is coo.

I’m going. Bringing my DDR pad to play on, as well.

See you should have offered me a ride(no homo). I have a dual modded stick.LOL see you guys there.

Do the TVs have component or A-V inputs? If so I’ll record games on one.

This one TV we’re using has two component inputs, three Composite/S-Video inputs, two HDMI inputs. Not quite sure how you’ll go about recording matches that way. Do you have a capture card taking the PS3 component input before it goes to the TV?


ps. i hope the TV’s don’t lag.

I have a setup that does component pass-through. I can/will (since it’s the only time I use them) bring the component out cables for ps3.

I’ll also bring the component cables for the PS3 just in case. Also, I’ve done testing on one TV (Westinghouse SK-32H510S) and it doesn’t seem to have any lag.

i texted you the day i saw this so dont even try that. lol

does any one got a ps2->ps3 adapter?

I got a TE stick.

yeah i do, you need it? i’ll bring an extra te stick to lend out and my ps2 to ps3 adapter just in case, there we go, so show up

whens the next tournament i live so close by

whens the next tournament i live so close by