Got 360 TE fightstick but need ps3 one?


So i have a ps3 TE fightstick with the box but I have a 360.

So if anyone in the Chicago area for some reason has a 360 TE fightstick but needs a ps3 one let me know.

Weird situation, but worth a try.

btw wasn’t sure where to put this thread so if its not in the right place mods feel free to delete or move.


That’s where you should post it! =]


You’re too new to use the Trading Outlet. That being said, I don’t think you’d have any problem with the trade. The 360 stick is always in demand. Since you’re in a large city try Craigslist and then eBay it if that doesn’t work.


Sorry to keep this thread going but I assume with only 10 posts I’d be to new for the trade section. That being said, I have a 360 hrap that I’d like to trade off for the ps3 version. I know it’s a bit of a down grade but I’d be willing to compensate you if your willing to do that trade… PM if interested.


hah i cant pm yet because i dont have 5 post. but how much compensation we talkin bout and where are you located?


I’m in ny so we both have to ship it and I was thinking $50 on top of the stick I’m giving you… Should be enough to get some new buttons if you wanted to mod it…


^ I’d take that. If you aren’t a hardcore fan of SF4 you’ve got a good stick there, and the money to mod it.


Oh I am I just realized having a setup for both systems is a bit much… I’m only on my ps3 now so it’s pretty useless…shoot me an email and we can exchange info…


i really dont want to deal with shipping so ima give it alil bit of time see if anyone local has anything. ill let you know tho.